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Local residents and second homeowners are realizing significant savings with Green Street Solar

Written By: Jennifer Cording

There is no better business advertisement than an existing customer referring a neighbor. That’s exactly what happened after Steve Bunoski of South Bethany Beach, Delaware, and Millersville, Maryland, hired Green Street Solar to install solar panel systems on each of his two homes.

“Literally, our next-door neighbor did it [afterward],” said Bunoski, noting several reasons he decided to “go solar.” “It’s the whole package. You feel good about the environment. It’s a win-win situation. You eventually end up making money on the deal.”

He likes the idea of “greener energy,” but saving money was his primary goal, Bunoski said. Similarly, most customers hire Green Street Solar for the significant financial savings, said Derek Dykes, operations manager of the company based in Selbyville since 2008.

“During the day, when sun is shining, your electric meter can actually spin backwards,” Dykes said. “From the time it’s installed you start saving money.”

The federal government offers a 30 percent tax credit, which remains in effect until 2019. Dykes said some people aren’t aware this particular tax credit is still available to buyers. In Delaware customers could be eligible to receive a Green Energy Fund Rebate up to $3,000. Businesses can apply for accelerated bonus tax depreciation on the system. In Maryland, homeowners could be eligible to receive a $1,000 grant from the state toward the cost of the Green Street Solar system. Businesses can receive grants up to $50,000 and apply accelerated bonus depreciation. Certain Maryland counties have a property tax credit up to $5,000.

“It’s important to look at solar as an investment,” said Dykes. “The solar system should last 25-30 years or even longer. Currently, the typical return on investment in Delaware is around seven years, so years seven through 30 is just money in your pocket.”

A solar system from Green Street Solar is designed to be aesthetically unobtrusive. The panels are installed on the roof of a home, business or even an outbuilding — or a ground-mounted system array is attached to poles that are cemented into the ground, explained Dykes. Green Street Solar has in-house electricians and never utilizes subcontractors.

Bunoski said he and his wife researched several companies and attended trade shows before finalizing their decision to hire Green Street Solar, where the Bunoskis found “well-educated people who know what they’re doing,” he said. Their work ethic impressed him, as well. The installation on the South Bethany house was done during the summer heat.

“It was one of those days where it was 100 degrees,” Bunoski recalled. “I turned to the guys, and I said, ‘Look, I’ll hose down the roof for you.’” The Green Street Solar installers, however, turned down the generous offer, stating that they did not want to chance compromising the flashing seals they were about to install on its surface and expressed their appreciation to the client.

“That told me something about the company. They were going to do it the right way, no matter what,” Bunoski said. “It’s just the right thing to do and Green Street Solar was the right company to deal with.”

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