(From left): Patricia Achterhof, Amanda Campbell, Joe Garrison, Kimberly Magaha, Jim Griesser, Jennine LaCroix, Jay Eichelberger, James DeCarlo and Gary DesjardinsSTRATWEALTH: PLANNING FOR YOUR ‘NEXT’



A client-centric financial planning firm driven by passion

Refreshingly different. Those are words rarely associated with a wealth-management company. At StratWealth, however, the phrase describes the firm’s internal culture and speaks directly to the growing company’s philosophies of caring for the evolving milestones, dreams and legacies of their clients. 

“Our focus is on the client, and our client experience is remarkable,” said StratWealth CEO Jim DeCarlo, who leads the private, fee-based, wealth-management and planning firm founded in 1991, with offices in Columbia and Salisbury. “We are driven by a passion to first understand our client’s unique needs and goals. We then bring together the collective genius of our experienced team to create an individualized financial strategy, including a program to carefully guide them through every step.” 

StratWealth’s unique, 8-stage wealth-management pathway is designed to continually move each client’s personal goals forward. This dynamic synchronization keeps their wealth management plans on course and utilizes the firm’s “NexitStrategy” to provide peace of mind, while also preparing to capitalize on all challenges and changes.

“Our number-one priority is recognizing ‘What’s Next’ in our clients’ big picture financially, before a milestone event even presents itself,” DeCarlo said. “That could be a new job, a vacation home or a promotion at work. We’ll anticipate the ramifications, both good and bad, in advance, and factor them into their all-encompassing NexitStrategy. This is the heartbeat of StratWealth.”

The firm combines the following principles to create a personalized NexitStrategy for each and every one of its clients: N—Nuture; EX—Expertise; I—Integrity; T—Teamwork.

“Investment management is a commodity. What’s not a commodity is the client  experience,” said DeCarlo, who identified the ideal StratWealth client as individuals and families facing milestones in their personal and professional lives who are curious in finding peace of mind around their ‘Next’.

Kimberly Magaha, a Partner in StratWealth’s Salisbury office says, “We are passionate about providing individualized and unbiased advice. Equally important, we’re steeped in the experience of working with families over years and generations — our clients see us as a strategic partner and advocate for their family.”

StratWealth’s fundamental values and  team-centric culture are not only beneficial to its clients, they’re of interest to industry colleagues, too. Charged to lead both the organic and inorganic growth of the company, DeCarlo is spearheading initiatives to welcome wealth advisors and firms with like-minded philosophies into the StratWealth family.

“We are scalable and we have a culture  of leadership, success and care to do what is right,” said DeCarlo, a thought leader with 25 years experience in global financial services markets. “We are organizing strategic partnerships through mergers and acquisitions with advisors and practices seeking robust  processes, the latest technologies and growth for succession.”

Internally, the entire StratWealth team has overhauled how the firm operates by way of its organization, processes, technology and ethos. The team implemented new meeting and reporting  guidelines, rebuilt its computer-software infrastructure, and continues to invest in advanced leadership training — a firmwide change project that the industry recognized by naming StratWealth the 2017 Investment News Best Practices, Technology Award.

“It’s all about how we can improve as a company to better service our clients and  enhance their overall experience,” DeCarlo said.

StratWealth’s culture transformation extends  beyond the office, as the firm teamed with 35 charities last year, including nearly the entire team participating in the 2017 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Baltimore.

StratWealth currently cares for approximately $1.3 billion of assets, which includes nearly 100 local small business 401k plans and 820 families, 300 of those residing on the Eastern Shore. Their size today ranks them in the top 25 Financial Planning firms in the Mid-Atlantic, according to the Baltimore Business Journal

With DeCarlo’s successful acquisition strategy and the firm’s continued internal growth, StratWealth’s target trajectory is to manage $3 billion of assets by 2023.


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