January-February 2017 | HEALING POWERS

Chrissy Ehrhart and Eddie McGlinchey



Chrissy Ehrhart and Eddie McGlinchey share their passion and expertise of ancient healing arts with their clients

Two local healing experts have joined forces to create a dynamic team who restore the minds and bodies of their clients through the ancient techniques of sound healing and reiki. Chrissy Ehrhart, owner of Zenna Wellness, and Eddie McGlinchey, founder of Peace of Heaven Reiki are literally changing people’s lives through joint sessions that bring clarity, rejuvenation and joy to their followers.

“Experiencing a combination session of sound healing and reiki with Chrissy and Eddie has had a profound impact on my life,” said Kristine Griffin, MD. “Chrissy and Eddie have such a positive, healing energy, which is obvious from the moment you meet them and that is instantly comforting. The sessions are deeply relaxing but often energizing, as well. 

“They have helped me to let go of things that no longer serve me, which is quite liberating,” Dr. Griffin continued. “Afterward, I feel both recharged and more at peace, with increased clarity of mind. For me, I feel the sessions relieve stress, which has improved my overall health and sense of well-being. I am so grateful for this experience with these two very special, genuinely caring healers.”

Sound healing, an ancient healing modality that uses musical, vibrational instruments (such as crystals and a Himalayan bowl, drums, bells and voice), brings the receiver into a deep relaxation, passing into the mind’s thetic state, while vibrations of sound travel through the body, creating a harmonious balance of the body’s and mind’s cells. 

Sound therapy is said to nourish the body’s nerve endings, reducing chronic pain and inflammation while lowering heart rate, blood pressure and toxic levels in the body. Stored emotions and energy blockages may also be released, all while listening to the soothing sounds of an orchestra.

The art of sound healing is now exactly what the doctor orders. Ehrhart is an integrative practitioner with Atlantic General Hospital who is referred by its healthcare professionals to provide sound healing to patients who might benefit from it. The technique is used in clinical and hospital settings in the U.S., including the University of Maryland, and around the world. 

At Zenna Wellness in Berlin, Ehrhart also offers meditation, yoga and aerial yoga classes for all levels. Her desire to share sound healing with others comes from her own “miraculous experience” related to its powerful benefits.

“I have treated my own chronic pain caused by a genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos syndrome, a lifelong connective- tissue disorder that wreaks havoc on the body and causes dislocation of joints, fibromyalgia and disfunction in the body from head to toe,” Ehrhart said. “Sound healing treats the body so deeply. The results have nothing short of amazing.”

As a young boy, McGlinchey suffered traumatic events that extended through his teenage years, which produced very low self-esteem and fear — a double-edged sword that controlled his emotions and held him back as a person for decades. Then he experienced a vision during a dream in 2009 that he would help people ease their pain through energy work.

“I had no idea what energy work was, or even reiki healing at the time, so I went on with my life, like it was just a dream,” McGlinchey said. “Years later, I had an awakening during a mediation at my first attunement for reiki level 1. Finally,
I was able to let go of all my fears, and my self-esteem blossomed.”

That newfound confidence propelled his mission of healing, and he immersed himself in the art of reiki. This ancient art creates and promotes self-healing, balances energies and revitalizes. Reiki channels energy from the practitioner to the client in a powerful, non-invasive and gentle manner through light touch. 

To understand reiki’s power, one must learn about chakras. The chakras of the body act like gates. When a chakra is closed, a person can be out of balance. Multiple blocked or closed chakras often present through body pain, anxiety, depression, fear, addictions and many other physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments. 

“People may have all seven chakras closed, in which case, they may have a very sinking feeling,” McGlinchey said. “I channel light energy to open these chakras and allow energy to flow freely. Upon leaving a session, clients often express feelings of extreme peace, clarity, warmth and happiness, and they often say a weight has been lifted from them.” 

At his Peace of Heaven Reiki studio inside Atlantic Retreat in Berlin, McGlinchey offers a variety of reiki sessions, including traditional, Distant Reiki, Mind Release and Chakra
Clearing Reiki.

“After feeling stuck for the majority of my life and experiencing all of those debilitating emotions, I, too, understand what it feels like to be weighed down,” McGlinchey said. “After having an awakening through certification with reiki, I was able to heal myself. To be able to give this gift to so many is my life’s purpose. It gives me incredible joy to hear a client say they experience relief mentally, physically and emotionally after suffering most of their lives. There is no greater gift. It not only fills my soul with love and peace, it fills theirs, as well.”

“I came to Peace of Heaven last February, and my life has never been the same since. Eddie removed so much negative energy and blockages that were keeping me from experiencing true joy and happiness,” said client Carolyn Jolley. “He taught me ways to keep that open in my everyday life. I can honestly say that life has never been happier. I experience more joy and peace, as well as feeling optimistic for the future rather than fear.”



Posted On: 1/9/17 1:14 pm
Not knowing about reike but being presented with a special price offer I tried it. I was pregnant at the time and over run with anxiety and fear of becoming a new parent. When I attended these sessions I relaxed actually rested peacefully and exited having a weight off of my shoulders. I would recommend Eddie to anyone!!
Kim Heaney
Posted On: 1/7/17 6:01 pm
Both Chrissy and Eddie are absolutely amazing people. I would highly recommend everyone to try this amazing experience.