January-February 2016 | TILGHMAN ORTHODONTICS

Michael Tilghman, DDS, MS and Dr. Carrie Schwartz, DDS, MS of Tilghman Orthodontics



When two elite specialists combine their talents to form a single, comprehensive orthodontic practice, the results for their patients are nothing short of spectacular

In September 2014, in their own quiet way, Drs. Michael Tilghman and Carrie Schwartz did something unique, perhaps even revolutionary, for the lower Eastern Shore. They merged their already highly successful but independent orthodontic practices into a larger, more comprehensive and totally patient-oriented practice.

As a single, cohesive partnership of elite experts, Tilghman and Schwartz are to their knowledge the first and only practitioners in the region to treat their entire roster of patients with the synergistic benefits of their combined skill sets. 

“Together, Carrie and I have more than 30 years of experience,” said Dr. Tilghman, who graduated second in his dental-school class at the University of Maryland and has received many academic honors and distinctions with his DDS. “We treat all of our patients together, as a team,” he continued, “which enables us to treat each one with industry-leading precision, accuracy and efficiency.”

“We consult and collaborate on the treatment of every patient we see, but it’s more than that,” said Dr. Schwartz, who received her DDS with Distinction from the University of Minnesota and is a diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. “After we read every x-ray, take every relevant class, watch every topical webinar, attend every salient symposium and read the latest science-journal articles together, we assess and develop every treatment protocol — together. Dr. Tilghman and I have conferred on every single patient, and we are intimately familiar with each of their case histories.”

Drs. Schwartz and Tilghman are often asked to consult on unusually complicated cases, by highly respected specialists in both the cleft-palate clinics and oral-maxillofacial departments at Johns Hopkins, the University of Maryland Medical Center and the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington.

“There are many treatment technologies out there these days,” Dr. Tilghman advised, “but the truth is, not all of them are equal. Some are trendy but lack the body of clinical data and peer-reviewed research to establish them as completely effective and safe. The quality of the results are ultimately determined by the skills in the brains and hands of the practitioner, not whatever new treatment technology may be in vogue at the moment.”

“The combined knowledge and experience of Dr. Tilghman and Dr. Schwartz provided amazing results!” praised S. Michael Cylc of Ocean View. “The adult-orthodontics process was seamless from start to finish. Drs. Tilghman and Schwartz and their staff were there every step of the journey. I will be forever grateful to them all for the perfect smile I wear with pride today!”


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