The Faces of a Prideful Community


239 Ocean Parkway, Ocean Pines  410-641-7717

“Employees take pride in knowing that their day-to-day work resonates with the warm, welcoming residents and guests of Ocean Pines” — Denise Sawyer, Marketing and Public Relations Director

In its early days, the Ocean Pines Association was just a small, coastal development with unpaved streets, and initially, there were more pine trees than residents. Flash-forward 50 years, and the community that was once considered a hidden gem has since seen significant development, even earning national recognition and features in respected publications such as Forbes

Today, Ocean Pines is Worcester County’s largest residential community, with 12,000 full-time residents and 8,000 part-time residents and guests. With its own police department, fire department, water system, public-works department, yacht club, restaurants, recreation facilities and countless other amenities, it’s easy to see why Ocean Pines maintains a prestigious, fun and safe reputation.

Behind the scenes, the Homeowner’s Association, referred to as the Ocean Pines Association, employs a dedicated and highly skilled team of area residents who manage the community and its many amenities. The Association team works collaboratively to offer exceptional value and quality of life to Ocean Pines’ diverse mix of property owners and visitors.

While the Ocean Pines Association employees come from a broad range of backgrounds, together they maintain one common mindset: Pines Pride.

“Employees take pride in knowing that their day-to-day work resonates with the warm, welcoming residents and guests of Ocean Pines,” said Marketing and Public Relations Director Denise Sawyer.

Pines Pride spreads beyond the Ocean Pines borders, as the Association shares a passion for the well-being of our entire Shore community.  Recently, the Association helped facilitate Ocean Pines Marina’s recertification as a Maryland Clean Marina. This statewide recognition demonstrates the Ocean Pines Association’s steadfast commitment to clean marina practices and, in turn, its dedication to the overall health of Delmarva’s waterways.

The Association also oversees the Ocean Pines Farmers & Artisans Market, which occurs weekly throughout the year and is open to the public. The popular market provides a platform for community residents to purchase genuine local produce and goods.

“In a recent Nextdoor online survey, more than a thousand Worcester County residents named the Ocean Pines Farmers & Artisans Market a ‘Neighborhood Favorite for 2018,’” shared Sawyer.

The pride and friendliness that residents and staff exude to area guests have allowed Ocean Pines to remain one of the most highly sought-after, award-winning local residential communities. Recently, Ocean Pines was even ranked the safest community in Maryland for 2019. To further ensure the community’s safety and better serve residents, the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors recently voted unanimously to expand the Ocean Pines Police Department.

From left: John Bailey, Dave Massey, Denise Sawyer, Angie Ortt, Matt Ortt, Lia Isel, Ralph DeAngelus, Stuart Diepold, Terry Underkoffler, Colby Phillips and Debbie Donahue.