Ready for All Seasons

Tyler Building Company ensures client Michele Sarris can to relocate to Ocean City when she retires by completely renovating her dated condo

Written by Brian Shane  /  Photography by Scott Kraller

When Michele Sarris needed an overhaul of her vacation home in Ocean City, she put the word out to friends and family: Got any contractors to recommend?

The word came back quickly through the grapevine: You need to call Tyler Building Company.

Sarris, a social worker who makes her home in Rockville, needed a substantial renovation to her ocean-block condominium unit in north Ocean City. She plans to move there full-time upon retirement in a few years and wants it completely ready for that day.

“It’s my happy place,” Michele said of Ocean City. “I can’t tell you how relaxed I am when I’m down there. I’m going to do it right; I’m going to get what I like; if it costs a little extra, then it costs a little extra.”

It turned out to be a complete renovation of her 1,266 sq. ft. unit in the Four Seasons building on Assawoman Drive. Built in 1974, her unit still had its original kitchen and flooring, with only slight updates to the bathrooms.

“We’re Italian; we love to cook,” she said. “We had a peninsula; I wanted an island. It just wasn’t working for us. I wanted my island to have electricity. Thank God for everyone at Tyler… they were able to do that.”

Under the direction of project manager John Santos, the Tyler Building Company crew replaced the ceramic floors and carpeting with stylish vinyl flooring that resembles driftwood. The lighting was redone. The renovation also included all-new cabinets and appliances and remade an existing wet bar.

“When they say they’re going to be there, they are there,” Sarris said. “They return my emails. They said, ‘This is about you; whatever you want, let us know, and we’ll do it.’ They never made me feel like I was imposing or asking too much, and he always explained things to me when I had questions.”

Will Tyler, who owns Tyler Building Company with his wife, Nikki, says he’s here to provide that top level of service to all clients, no matter how big the job.

“Building can be a nuisance, or it can be an experience,” Tyler said. “You find the right builder, and it’s fun: You get to pick all your finishes; you get updates along the way; when options come up, there’s someone there to walk you through it. It’s not just the finished product you enjoy but, overall, just doing the job.”

At the Sarris job, the homeowner had a last-minute request to drastically change the lighting in the unit, which hadn’t been part of the original plan. Tyler said that’s typical of any remodel, and he’s happy to accommodate any such request.

“That’s the difference between using an experienced remodeling company versus your average contractor that just dabbles in it. We do this day in, day out, and you come to expect those last-minute change requests,” he added.

Tyler Building Company also assists homeowners after the renovation is complete, through the guidance from Katrina Collier, the on-staff design expert who helps clients decorate their new home to their exact taste.

“It leads into the experience as a whole, where the customer is happy from start to finish. It’s an extra level of service we’re proud to provide,” Tyler added.

Michele Sarris says she’s particularly happy with her kitchen backsplash, which has aqua-blue elements with tinges of silver and crystal. She also loves her Cambria Montgomery granite counters, which match the backsplash with similar colors and flecks of brightness.

“It looks like the beach,” she said. “I love it. I can’t get over the difference. The place looks so much bigger; it’s great. I’m just really, really happy with it.”


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