Destination Point

Yard Designs, Inc. unveils a spectacular waterfront setting built to stand the test of time

Written by Victor Fernandes  /  Photography by Ray Sander

One of Yard Designs, Inc.’s latest timeless creations is as breathtakingly beautiful as the panoramic views it offers of the converging Newport and Sinepuxent Bays. Bryan LeCompte, owner of the 33-year-old landscaping design company in Salisbury, crafted a fully equipped outdoor-living oasis at a waterfront home in Berlin that features a fireplace, firepit, outdoor kitchen, pizza oven and various other amenities weaved throughout an exquisite array of natural bluestone and brick.

The homeowners desired a space that would serve as an extension of their home that would feature many of its design traits while complementing, but not overshadowing, the picturesque bay views they enjoy. This is where they envisioned quiet days and memorable moments together with family and friends.

“From the very beginning of this project, the homeowners and our team established that trust was the most important dynamic of all,” LeCompte said. “Open lines of communication are key. The relationship we build with our clients brings each project together. Everyone has to be unified to understand and trust the process. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The project transitioned to details that were anything but minor, including the critical selection of materials required to withstand the test of time. LeCompte prefers natural materials, especially when selecting the style of stone headlining the project. In this instance, bluestone was the choice for the patio, which transitioned into the bluestone and brick used for the fireplace. Colonial stack with bluestone treads were used for the firepit and pizza oven. The homeowners selected ipe, a dense Brazilian hardwood, for the mantle above the fireplace to match the home’s deck. The outdoor kitchen was constructed with brick, with ipe for its doors and ceiling.

“There’s only so many materials you could use in this setting to complement this beautiful home,” LeCompte said. “It’s stunning and will look even better over time. Fifty years from now, even 100 years from now, people will come back here and say, ‘We don’t need to change anything.’”

The project also included a shell-covered driveway and new walkways leading to the front of the home and to the dock leading out onto the bay, as well as low-voltage lighting and enhanced landscaping, which added to this impressively designed landscaping project.

“This becomes natural art when it’s not being used for its intended purpose,” LeCompte said, “and it still looks fantastic.”

Truly picturesque landscapes such as these can’t be rushed. That’s the message LeCompte routinely shares with clients, as it takes many stages to transform a concept into a reality.

“Planning ahead for a project of size should take place the year prior, even two or three seasons beforehand, to establish a timeline and goals,” LeCompte said. “Choices, materials, ordering, designs, layout, permits, regulations — it all takes time. Proper planning eliminates mistakes and ultimately results in a finished project everyone loves.”

This setting, much like all other projects LeCompte and his team create, begins with forging a relationship with clients to appreciate their architectural tastes and lifestyle. That’s where trust meets LeCompte’s ability to bring practicality, function and exquisite aesthetic appeal to life.

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