Bethany Blues

When Jim and Marie Miller wanted to convert their Old World villa into a tranquil coastal escape, Perfect Furnishings in Bethany Beach was their first stop

Written by Alison Clary  /  Photography by Grant L. Gursky

After spending more than 30 summers and countless off-season weekends in their downtown Ocean City condominium, Pennsylvania residents Jim and Marie Miller decided it was time to explore a new locale for their beach home. The search primarily focused on discovering a residence with quieter and more intimate surroundings to host future visits from their children and grandchildren.

The couple soon spotted a stunning three-story home in Bethany Beach. The location was everything they had been looking for: It was situated right near the tranquility of the Indian River Bridge inlet and therefore offered mesmerizing bay-line views as a bonus.

Jim and Marie quickly realized, however, that the home’s interior was a stark contrast to its airy, coastal surroundings. It embodied an Old World Mediterranean villa with gold accents, yellow walls and a dated design scheme, all of which seemed quite out of place in its seaside setting.

After purchasing the home, the couple chose to pursue a full interior renovation and made Perfect Furnishings in Bethany Beach their first stop.

“Once we saw their amazing coastal showroom, we knew we had come to the right place,” said Jim.

They quickly enlisted the help of Perfect Furnishings mother-daughter duo, Tisha Buchanan and Cortney Thompson, to transform their new residence. To begin the project, they had an initial consultation, where Jim and Marie explained their visions for the home.

“We knew we wanted lots of blue hues and a peaceful, coastal vibe,” Marie said.

Tisha and Cortney knew exactly what needed to be done to bring their clients’ dreams to life. They quickly got to work and oversaw the execution of every renovation detail, down to the paint color and decorative accents. Tisha also called upon her network of local contractors to carry out the other aspects of the renovation, including painters, carpenters and flooring professionals.

“We have longstanding relationships with many local contractors, and using these relationships really helped to streamline the renovation and reduce the overall cost of the project,” Tisha said.

Because he runs a commercial contracting company from his primary residence in Pennsylvania, Jim especially appreciated the benefits of using this consolidated approach.

“Everyone working in coordination really made the process easier, and the quality of the work that each provided was superb,” Jim said.

The renovation was completed in just under six months, and the transformation is jaw-dropping. In fact, the five-bedroom, four-full-bath home is almost entirely unrecognizable now. Every detail, from the oyster-shell chandelier to the coral- patterned chairs and ottomans, expresses a relaxing, open vibe that is fitting for its waterfront environment.

“We lightened everything up with coastal blues, and we made sure to complement the natural light, which really maximized the space,” said Tisha.

The Millers are once again excited to host family and friends and make the most of their new beach residence.

“The entire Perfect Furnishings team was well-seasoned and easy to work with, and they really listened to everything we had to say,” said Marie. “Our beautiful beach home is a reflection of their talents.”

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