At Your Service

Angie Gillis Unkart has always maintained a passion for discovering and enhancing the beauty in all things. The lifelong Eastern Shore resident put this drive to good use while managing her popular interior-design business for over 20 years. When the economic crisis occurred, the interior-design industry took an especially large hit, and Angie was left searching for what to pursue next. 

Rather than completely reinvent herself, Angie chose to leverage her design experience, people skills and natural creativity to steer her career in a slightly different direction: managing special events.

Fast-forward nine years, and Encore Events by Angie is an award-winning, full-service event-management company, which includes event planning, day-of coordination, in-house florist services and unique rentals and props from Encore’s new, one-of-a-kind rental warehouse. This all-encompassing business model helps to ensure consistency while eliminating the stress and communication issues often rooted in logistics and coordination of several different vendors.

“Because Encore Events is a full-service event company, I oversee each and every aspect of the event,” said Angie. “I make absolutely certain that the event day flows smoothly, and in the case of weddings, is precisely what a client envisions.” 

Angie’s approach to wedding planning has allowed her to form a unique bond with each bride. For Angie, listening is the key to establishing trust and understanding the bride and her vision. 

“The first thing I do is assure her that no matter what the style, feel, look or budget, it is of the utmost importance to me that it is all about her,” she said.

In the early stages of the wedding-planning process, brides typically provide Angie with a source of inspiration. Angie then uses this as a foundation to build a setting and style tailored to each bride. She employs her design background to ensure every detail is executed flawlessly.  


Angie’s massive warehouse, which she humorously refers to as “Pinterest on steroids,” houses thousands of props, backdrops and décor pieces, such as vases, chandeliers, lighting and accents. She frequently calls upon her interior-design contacts to source pieces from all over the world, and she’s always looking to add to her collection. Her most recent shipment arrived from Germany and included an elegant carnival-ride display and exquisite Champagne bottle holder. Modification requests to any of Angie’s props are always accommodated to meet the brides’ needs. These changes are often brought to life by Angie’s husband, Eric, who is also heavily involved in Encore Events and an expert craftsman. 

While she has experience managing events at many reputable venues across the Shore, Angie is proud to also offer exclusive access at two stunning, locally cherished establishments: The Rackliffe House and Windmill Creek Vineyard. The Rackliffe House offers picturesque water views and a secluded location, while Windmill Creek Vineyard presents a charming wildflower-filled setting and lovely wine bar, among other amenities. 

“There is always something to be said for being unique and original. This is what I strive for in my business, and these locations offer exactly that,” Angie said.

Encore Events also coordinates and manages bridal showers, birthday parties, retirement parties, baby showers, corporate events and private, in-home dinner parties.