2019 Healthcare Experts: Tilghman Orthodontics

Dr. Michael Tilghman and Dr. Carrie Schwartz

Customized Care Tailored to Each Patient’s Needs

Integrity and innovation — they are the hallmarks of Tilghman Orthodontics — the award-winning orthodontic practice led by industry experts Drs. Michael Tilghman and Carrie Schwartz. With more than 40 combined years of experience, Drs. Tilghman and Schwartz, along with their dedicated and highly skilled team, create beautiful smiles every day through their unwavering commitment to genuine patient care and the most efficient, time-proven treatments.

Tilghman Orthodontics uses state-of-the-art technology to create customized treatment plans for each patient, while maintaining open communication and transparency throughout the entire process. The practice’s collective emphasis on comprehensive examinations and detail-specific treatment plans ensures that each patient receives the appliance or procedure that’s in their best interest. 

That’s not necessarily the case throughout the industry. Dr. Tilghman stated that some teens and adults who visit their Salisbury and Berlin offices may not require as much orthodontic treatment as others. Some have minor issues, such as mild overcrowding and spacing, which can be resolved at a faster pace than those with moderate-to-severe cases. 

“The bottom line is that one plan doesn’t fit every patient,” Dr. Tilghman said. “Our treatments are tailored to each patient’s specific needs. We take great pride in that. One may require metal braces, while another is best suited for aligners. We will only proceed with a plan that’s best for them.”

A new-patient visit to Tilghman Orthodontics starts with a complete clinical examination.  

“We’re unique the moment you walk in the door,” Dr. Tilghman said. “From our friendly staff to the care you’re going to receive, the amount of time we spend during the consultation and evaluation and the records we take, our only goal is to determine the plan that’s best. This is how our patients achieve great smiles.”

The practice is also highly regarded for its commitment to remaining at the forefront of technology. One such example is its very own Smiles Correct aligners — a new, affordable solution that serves as an alternative to traditional braces or Invisalign treatments. 

As one of the Shore’s first practices to fabricate its own aligners in-house, Smiles Correct offers patients faster turnaround, lower costs and better quality control than other aligner manufacturers. 

Through the use of a handheld device, scans are taken inside the mouth to create a computerized three-dimensional model of the patient’s teeth. A digital version is sent to Tilghman Orthodontics’ 3D printer, which produces a replica to scale, and the custom aligner trays are created. 

“Smiles Correct may be the ideal solution for a patient, but it also may not,” Dr. Tilghman said. “We will only do what’s best for the patient.”

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