2019 Healthcare Experts: Mid-Atlantic Surgical Group

Hossain Said-Mahmoudian, MD, RPVI; Douglas B. Wilhite, MD, RVT, FACS; and David Kerrigan, MD, FACS

Improving Outcomes Through State-of-the-Art Efficiency

Mid-Atlantic Surgical Group is proud to celebrate the success of its vascular care center, which opened in March 2018 in Salisbury. Having patients experience a more efficient coordination of care is precisely what Dr. Douglas Wilhite and his colleagues hoped to accomplish when they envisioned opening their state-of-the-art facility.

With over 30 years’ experience, the Mid-Atlantic Surgical Group team had a collaborative vision to streamline their patients’ road to greater vascular health. This is critically important, because when you’re dealing with potentially life-altering vascular disease, every minute saved can save a life.  

“In opening our vascular care center, we’ve brought most of what we do under one roof, offering a one-stop shop for our patients,” said Dr. Wilhite, one of seven highly skilled specialists at Mid-Atlantic Surgical Group, including fellow board-certified vascular surgeons Dr. David Kerrigan and Dr. Hossain Said-Mahmoudian.   

In years past, Eastern Shore residents often had to wait to see one doctor for an evaluation before being referred to a specialist at another location, who in turn scheduled the patient’s procedure at a third location. All of these time-consuming steps extended the patient’s wait time for treatment. On average, Dr. Wilhite said, “the time between evaluation and intervention could reach eight weeks or longer. Care ends up being slow, distributed and uncoordinated.”  

Now, the vascular care team at Mid-Atlantic Surgical Group “are able to get a patient through the same care pathway in five to seven days,” Dr. Wilhite said, “because evaluations, diagnostic testing and planned intervention are all handled in our state-of-the-art facility. It’s made a huge impact on our patients. Some face losing their ability to walk, losing a leg and other serious conditions. What we now offer allows them to get better faster. Many physicians in the vascular field are moving to this model because it’s efficient. Medicare wants this from all physicians, too, because it reduces waste in both time and money, which can be attained in centers like ours.”

The response from Mid-Atlantic Surgical Group patients has been overwhelmingly positive and Dr. Wilhite and his team are excited to continue their mission to help more Eastern Shore residents receive quality vascular care.  

As Mid-Atlantic Surgical Group continues to grow, their primary focus will continue to be providing all of their patients efficient and effective healthcare. “We’ve been providing this type of vascular care for more than 30 years. Now, we’re able to care for more patients a little bit more expeditiously. Waiting times are down and office availability is up. This is exactly the type of treatment our patients appreciate and deserve.” 

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