2019 Healthcare Experts: Dr. Jonathan C. Patrowicz, D.O.

Providing Patients Genuine, Compassionate Care

The current trends in today’s medical field often leave doctors with little time to consult and connect with their patients. Dr. Jonathan C. Patrowicz has always chosen to take a different approach to patient care. Dr. Patrowicz has fostered strong, communicative relationships with generations of families who have entrusted the popular Salisbury family physician with their healthcare for the past 20 years.

Dr. Patrowicz’s philosophy is simple: Every patient deserves to be treated with the utmost care and respect, no matter how long that takes. This ideal extends throughout Dr. Patrowicz’s practice on Sweetbay Drive, which is supported by his longtime colleague and certified registered nurse practitioner, Tanya Poisker, and its experienced and dedicated 10-person support team. 

Collectively, they believe that personalized care still matters today, just as it did while Dr. Patrowicz was pursuing his career in medicine two decades ago. During a three-month rotation with his mentor, Dr. Phillip Hollander, he observed the longtime physician’s genuine care and profound respect for his patients — experiences that changed the course of Dr. Patrowicz’s career in family medicine. 

“I will never forget those moments. There’s no higher honor than for a patient to thank you for the work you do with them for their healthcare,” Dr. Patrowicz said. “When people are in need, it’s a wonderful thing that they ask you for help.” 

When patients call Dr. Patrowicz’s office, they immediately speak to a team member and can schedule a same-day appointment. During appointments, every patient receives the attention they deserve — no matter how long it takes — as Dr. Patrowicz doesn’t overextend himself in terms of the number of patients he serves. 

“There’s no better way to help someone solve their problems than to sit down and talk with them about it,” Dr. Patrowicz said. “Healthcare is very personal to people. They want a great doctor-patient relationship, and our goal is to provide that for them.”

Dr. Patrowicz sees entire families, from great-grandparents to great-grandchildren and everyone in-between. He attributes the practice’s diverse and loyal patient roster to the satisfaction he and his team receive by providing quality, honest care.

“We’ve accomplished this by working with experienced team members and taking the time to establish strong and individualized relationships with our patients. One’s health is personal and the doctor-patient relationship needs to reflect that. The best time to choose a doctor is when you don’t need a doctor in order to begin establishing this partnership.”

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