September-October 2016 | RAZING CAINE




Kevin McCarthy of McCarthy & Son Contracting used talent and creativity to transform a vacation home in Ocean City’s Caine Woods

Written By: Brian Shane | Photographer: GRANT L. GURSKY

It started with your run-of-the-mill case of screen-porch envy. Bob Bollinger saw his neighbor’s porch and wanted one for his own Ocean City vacation home.  

But after they hired Kevin McCarthy of McCarthy & Son Contracting to complete the renovation, the project grew — and grew some more. The result is a gorgeous addition that blew out the back of their two-story brick home to create a spacious new kitchen, living and dining area — a breathtaking space that has transformed the way they enjoy their Caine Woods beach getaway. 

“We wanted a little larger space,” Bob said. “We have four kids, and they have significant others; we have grandkids. I was just looking to do a screened-in porch. But then we discussed expanding the kitchen and having a large dining room. Kevin came back with a design included everything that we wanted, and we went from there.”

What was McCarthy working with? For starters, the back of the original house ended at the cramped galley kitchen — a space so tight that two people couldn’t even stand side by side while cooking. A small window over the sink overlooked an ugly brick-paver patio that would fill with standing water. 

Kevin repositioned the kitchen — while reclaiming most of the cabinetry — and expanded it into a 100 sq. ft. space. The kitchen’s off-white porcelain floor provides a contrast to the reddish hues of the Brazilian tiger wood in the living area. Its marble-topped island becomes a gathering space that lies at the heart of their home.

Joan said she likes being able to stand in the kitchen to see and interact with everyone around her, from the dining table to the living area to the front sitting room. “What I like is, this is still the center of everything going on,” she said. “Everybody can participate even though it’s basically two different sections, joined into one.”

The addition included new space for a dining table to one side and lounging on a couch on the other. The couple filled the space with homemade shelves from their first apartment and a lifetime of photos and memorabilia.

Outside, their old beat-up patio was replaced with a new set of stone pavers. On the side of the house, Kevin — a bricklayer by trade — was able to match the old exterior brickwork exactly to the new brick, making it almost impossible to tell where the addition starts and ends.

The focal point of their new living room was the double-tray crown molding, with the lower tray open and illuminated with string lights. It was Kevin’s idea to custom-shape the perimeter of the molding to match the 40-degree angle of the kitchen island.

“Ceiling design is something we have specialized in for a long time,” Kevin said. “We’ve completed them in a number of different shapes and sizes.”

The Bollingers said they also appreciated that Kevin was flexible with any changes they wanted to make throughout project, such as relocating the stove in the kitchen or changing the ceiling color after it had already been painted.

Having been so pleased with Kevin’s work, the Bollingers hired McCarthy & Son again — this time to expand their master bathroom. Kevin used a hallway to increase the size of the bathroom, which now includes a soaking tub. The bath renovation also featured hand-built cabinets, a stone-tiled shower and custom wall insets with recessed lights.  



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