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Rex Rogosch of r Squared Design brings big-city design talent and first-rate client service to the shores of Rehoboth Beach

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: GRANT L. GURSKY

The die of interior designer Rex Rogosch’s career was cast when completed his first house plan. The thing is, he was 5 years old. “It was a creative attempt at drawing something that was not a traditional house,” Rogosch shared. “I was always designing and creating buildings out of anything I could get my hands on, from Lincoln Logs to Legos… I would even design buildings from the cardboard of Velveeta boxes.”

That newly kindled passion would take him far, all the way to the College of Southern Nevada, where he studied AutoCAD before earning a degree in interior design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Today, with more than 20 years of rock-solid industry experience in commercial and residential design, and a prestigious client list — which includes the world-famous Harrah’s Casino, Watkins Mills Town Center, and Fire & Ice nightclub and restaurant, among others scattered across Philadelphia, D.C. and Baltimore — Rogosch is fulfilling daily a promise he made to himself a long time ago.

At his Rehoboth-based r Squared Design, which he launched in 2008, Rogosch specializes in offering a diverse range of services, from full-scale project management to single-room design. He prides himself on scrupulous attention to every detail and flawless execution while faithfully serving the goals of his client.

“My partner, Wayne [Knaub], and I started r Squared with the idea that everyone should be able to afford great design,” said Rogosch, who’s taken design concepts and philosophies from each of the many major U.S. cities he’s lived in. “We believe in delivering high-quality items at various price points. Our showroom is a place you can find unique modern accessories, furnishings and gifts, at all price points.

“But that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” he continued. “We have more than 250 vendor accounts to find the perfect furniture or accessory to fit your needs, even if you don’t see it in our showroom.”

The two decided to set up shop on the Eastern Shore not only because of their experience with the Rehoboth Beach vacation home they’d had but also because they saw an ideal opportunity to put their respective skill sets to be use. “My partner and I just loved the area,” Rogosch said of him and Wayne, who has a background in corporate retail operations and an MBA from Penn State. “When we started thinking about opening a storefront, we wanted to go to a place that had the need for a more contemporary point of view. Most major cities already have contemporary-design stores, and since we loved Rehoboth so much, we decided that this was the perfect place to create that showroom.”

Another reason Rogosch says he and Wayne opened the showroom was to launch their signature product line, Rexie Boy, which offers furniture, signature candles and decorative, one-of-a-kind textiles, called Fabric Birds. Rogosch had already been designing upholstered goods for many of his residential and commercial clients, as it was just easier sometimes, he says, to design and create the perfect piece than attempt to locate it somewhere else. Today, Rogosch says he has “great passion” for the furniture line, adding, “All of our pieces are handmade in North Carolina and are priced surprisingly competitively with the big-name retail-furniture chains.”

Recently, Rogosch turned his attention and talent in a direction that was closer to home; in fact, it was home, as he and Wayne purchased a house on Rehoboth’s Warwick Drive. The project proved more difficult for the elite designer than one might have thought.

“This project was tricky because after so many projects for others, I wanted to have a house that represented who Wayne and I are but that was also different from anything I’ve done in the past,” Rogosch said. “We are huge art collectors, so we have some amazing pieces that are the stars of the space. I also wanted a home that made a statement, so I focused on color and texture. The space is still in-progress — and will always be in-progress as I come across new and exciting furniture and accessories.”  

Still, Rogosch insists that nothing gives him greater joy and satisfaction than the smiling face of a happy client. In a way, it represents not only a vital testament to his legacy as an interior designer and creative force but also the fulfillment of another promise — this one made to others.

“My design philosophy is actually quite simple: It’s all about the client,” he said. “At the end of the day, I am creating a home for someone; it’s not about what I would want but instead what is perfect for the client based on guidelines we created at the inception of the project. My knowledge of what can and cannot be done has become expansive, which allows me to pull from a broader palette, to create the perfect settings for my clients.

“Look, design is my life,” Rogosch added. “My heart actually leaps a bit whenever I hear a client say, ‘This feels like home.’ No award or prize can match that feeling.”


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