September-October 2016 | DOLLARS AND SENSE




Phyllis Mitchell of Mitchell and Hastings Financial Services came a long way to rise to the top of her field

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: GRANT L. GURSKY

Thirty years ago, Phyllis Mitchell didn’t even know where her husband kept their checkbook — not that she would have known what to do with it even if she had. But that was another life and an entirely different Phyllis Mitchell.

Today, Phyllis is not only the cofounder of one of the region’s most esteemed financial-services firms, Mitchell and Hastings Financial Services in West Ocean City — the two-time and reigning winner of the Coastal Style Readers Poll as Best Investment Advisory Firm in Worcester County — she is also the 2016 winner of the prized Best Businesswoman category for Worcester.

“It was both extremely gratifying and absolutely humbling to be selected as Worcester County’s best businesswoman,” Mitchell said. “There are so many outstanding businesswomen in this area who could have been chosen and who deserve the recognition. That the readers chose me is definitely a big surprise and an honor.”

Mitchell went on to say that it was only through unrelenting persistence and hard work that she was able to rise to the top of what can fairly be described as a male-dominated industry, concentrating on offering not only her professional expertise but also scrupulously listening to and acting upon the needs of each individual client. But she is quick to point out that she hasn’t gotten to where she is by herself.

“My family has sacrificed for me to get to where I am today,” said Phyllis, who is a Certified Financial Planner. “I owe them a lot for being so patient, particularly my husband, who has always been my biggest fan. But I’m also talking about my work family — my business partner of 27 years, Andrea Hastings, my assistants Julie Jones, Caroline Anthony and Donna Fuhrman, who work hard every day to make sure our clients are served above and beyond normal expectations. I am so grateful for them and their dedication.” 

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