September-October 2014 | INSPIRATIONAL WORK




In an open letter to Coastal Style readers, Piney Island Construction owner Duane Maddy details the changes to his company following the recession and vows to continue the tradition of exceptional work that has made him one of the region's most respected builders.

After 40 years in the building industry, getting through the last six years has been a difficult test of my true desire to be a builder. My dad, who spent his entire life in the industry, taught me to expect slowdowns and recessions every so many years, but little did I realize I would experience one so severe. It brought a number of important changes to my life and to my company. But the one thing, it turns out, the last recession didn’t change was my passion for what I do. And while the number of homes built, size of our office and number of employees may change, my commitment to putting every ounce of my energy into everything single thing I build has not changed and will never change. 

Early in life, I learned to continually strive to do my best and never give up. That drive to do well is what pushes me forward, especially in tough times. The axiom of “Be the best” is the singular mission for my company and me. It’s what drives me to produce the finest built homes in the area.

Although we have endured changes over the years, we believe that if you expect to move forward, then you must learn to adapt and adjust with a sense of flexibility and optimism. My company has moved forward in that spirit. We have built an ironclad reputation over the years of meeting the needs of our customers. It is my personal guarantee that every customer will get the same level of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that I would put into building my own home. I also guarantee that when the job is complete, my customers and I will look upon each other as friends.

The changing times have also brought on some new, more modern, state-of-the-art techniques in how we build to meet present-day codes and requirements. In the future, we are looking to bring our dedication to workmanship and quality homes to new territories like Kent Island, Rehoboth Beach, and the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Rest assured, however, that my old school, hands-on approach to the way I craft a new home will never change and my commitment to the community will always guide me.

I use only the best subcontractors and suppliers. I expect the utmost professionalism and consistency as well as a sense of commitment and trust from them, and they know it. When all is said and done, they are just as proud as I am, and that is why our relationships continue to stand.

Over the years, I have learned that life is never easy, but if you can learn from it, the future can always be a brighter place. The axiom remains the same: be the best. That is the embodiment of Piney Island Construction today.

My staff and I are excited about our new office on Racetrack Rd. in Ocean Pines, and we always look forward to seeing faces — old and new — come through our door. Whether you were a client in 1991 or a brand new customer or a valued vendor or sub-contractor, our sincere appreciation for the continued support means that we remain committed to ensuring that our name still stands strong in the building community. 

In addition to our new office space, we are also excited about the brand-new residential and light-commercial buildings we have been hired to construct. We are honored that these clients have chosen Piney Island Construction; their faith in our ability fuels our passion every single day.


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