September-October 2013 | ISLAND TIME




The fast-paced, high-pressure demands of Danny Schappell’s corporate life seem a world away when he reaches the soothing confines of his Sunset Island beach house

Written By: Jonathan Westman | Photographer: Grant L. Gursky

There are a few important rules to practice when investing in real estate: Buy low and sell high; obtain the best interest rate possible; always do your due diligence when it comes to location, location, location.

Finance professional Danny Schappell is an expert, and not simply because he’s a vice president at First Savings Mortgage Corporation in Bethesda and a former real estate agent. When it came time to purchase a lot and build his vacation getaway at Sunset Island in Ocean City, he followed the fundamentals to a T.

“The best thing about this location is that the pool, beach and water are right out my door,” Danny said. “When I bought this unit, none of these buildings [pointing out to rows of developed properties] were constructed yet. So, when they showed me this lot, I parked my Jeep here and said to myself, I could have a pool and a beach, and I don’t have to maintain them. At my Potomac home, I have to maintain the pool. So, how could I go wrong with this location? And when I learned that the developer had the unit on the end, I knew that I had the right location.”

Schappell’s four-story unit features a first-floor den/office, a second-floor gourmet kitchen, dining room and sitting room, as well as spacious bedrooms and bathrooms on the third and fourth levels. His resort retreat also features three porches that absorb the picturesque surroundings, which include a private, white-sand beach, expansive community swimming pool and a modern clubhouse, complete with a full-service restaurant. 

If that weren’t enough, Danny also enjoys panoramic views of the Sinepuxent Bay and the Ocean City skyline, depending on which deck he’s in the mood to relax on. And with his high-pressure job in the DC-metro area, he takes full advantage of all his beach house perks once he arrives. 

“You could be in the worst mood on your way here, and once you get out on the deck with a glass of wine, you just forget it all,” Danny said. 

Danny’s home is bright, open and inviting — and it’s all by design. He describes his home’s décor as “relaxed elegance,” and he had the help of some of the region’s most highly regarded designers and furniture store to help bring it all together — including Kim Messick at Bethany Resort Furnishings, Arlene Critzos of Interior Concepts and Adele Zaniewski from Kendall Furniture.  

Schappell also played an active role in the stunning look of his home and is always on the lookout for new and unique furniture and accessories that appeal to his sense of style. 

“When I see something different, I buy it,” Danny said. “I want things that no one else has.”

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