September-October 2013 | SAVOR THE SIMPLICITY

Fausto DiCarlo of Ristorante Antipasti



Ristorante Antipasti’s Fausto DiCarlo is known for serving wonderfully flavored meals each night, and by following his advice, you can, too

Cooking is often a labor of love, and whether discussing the talents of a truly great restaurant chef or a top-notch cook at home, they have one thing in common: a passion for the details. 

For Fausto DiCarlo, Ristorante Antipasti’s owner and executive chef, extraordinary-tasting meals do not need to contain extraordinarily difficult instructions. Take, for example, his specialty from Firenze (Florence), Italy. With a handful of ingredients, you can serve up a delicious and light dinner in less than 30 minutes — just like Fausto. 

“Simplicity is the best recipe in the world,” Fausto said. “This is one great example. Start with a plain, dry chicken cutlet. Top the chicken with Mortadella, which is an Italian coldcut, and continue topping with arugula, two slices of fresh tomato, grilled shallots and a slice of provolone. Add a little bit of Italian dressing with white balsamic vinegar, and salt and pepper to taste.

“Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, and bake this dish for 15-16 minutes,” he continued. “Then you’re all done. Badda boom! You have a great-tasting meal that everyone will love.”

Tony Cresci
Posted On: 10/4/15 3:29 pm
We go to Ristorante Antipaste every time we are in Ocean City. Fausto rolls out the red carpet for us every time. It is the best Italian food in the world! We are never disappointed. We have been going there for years.
Barbara Mandarino
Posted On: 9/9/13 10:02 am
Every visit to Ocean City consists of a visit to Ristorante Antipasti. It is a wonderful experience from the delicious and excellently prepared meals to the personalized attention given to every customer. Both Fausto and Binda are l lovely people who welcome and make everyone feel at home. What a great dining experience!!!!