September-October 2011 | GRAND GIVEAWAY!

Larry and Beth Barnes of Furnitureland and Ashley Furniture HomeStore
The $100K Giveaway sponsorsThe Preston Frog, along with Marina Wilson, Doug Wilson Jr. and Van Salter of the Preston Automotive GroupBill Bennett of Harley-Davidson of SeafordBill Carey of Midway RV Sales & ServiceLarry and Beth Barnes of Furnitureland and Ashley Furniture HomeStore



Larry and Beth Barnes have teamed with a collection of prestigious local businesses to create one incredible community contest — The “100K Prize Giveaway”

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Stephen Cherry

On August 17, Larry and Beth Barnes of Ashley Furniture HomeStore and FurnitureLand in Delmar, DE announced one of the biggest giveaway events the area has ever seen. The “100K Prize Giveaway” will award $100,000 in cash and prizes to a lucky Delmarva resident.
Spearheaded by the Barneses, the “100K Prize Giveaway” actually represents a coalition of elite local business leaders who have pooled their resources in the creation of a monumental, one-of-a-kind event, which officially launched on August 27 and runs until the grand-prize drawing on October 30.
In addition to a $30,000 cash award, Ashley Furniture HomeStore and FurnitureLand will give away $20,000 worth of furniture. That will be supplemented by the Preston Auto Group, which will be giving the winner a choice of either a 2012 Nissan Versa SL or a 2012 Ford Focus SE. Preston vice-president David Wilson Jr. reports that both models have not only been redesigned for 2012 but that each vehicle boasts an incredible fuel-efficiency rating of up to 40 miles per gallon.
“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Ashley Furniture HomeStore and FurnitureLand in addition to the other esteemed local businesses for this exciting giveaway opportunity,” Wilson Jr. said. “You know, a new car can literally change the life of a family, so we’re delighted to seize this chance to do something good for the community, especially during these difficult economic times.”
Interestingly, it was the whole “giveaway” concept that resulted in the creation of Preston’s iconic 27-year-old amphibious mascot. In 1984, Preston Ford’s competitors routinely gave away things like TV sets and trips, with the cost of those prizes just tacked onto the cost of the vehicle. Since Preston has always prided themselves on their great pricing, that kind of cost-inflating maneuver wasn’t going to work for them.
Since 1984 was a leap year, someone joked during a brain-storming session that they should just run a TV commercial in which they gave away a frog. That joke became a reality when on February 1, a frog was born — that is, a fictitious one that Dave Wilson appeared to reach for in a box. Turns out the demand for real-life giveaway frogs was so overwhelming, a frantic call had to be placed to their sales representative, urging him to get some live frogs to the dealership ASAP. The rep wound up racing from Salisbury to the dealership with a bunch of frogs he’d picked up at a five-and-dime. Eventually, real frogs were replaced by cement frogs, then real frogs again and ultimately stuffed-animal frogs. 
But what hasn’t changed is the mascot’s enduring popularity for more than a quarter-century. These days, “The Frog” has not only been immortalized in Preston’s logo, it makes numerous appearances in both advertising campaigns and at public events, spreading goodwill around the community wherever it hops.
It’s too bad that The Frog is ineligible to enter the “100K Prize Giveaway” since, as everyone knows, frogs love motorcycles, and one of the giveaway prizes is a 2012 Harley-Davidson Superlow from Harley-Davidson of Seaford, one of the partners of the event.
“With an 883cc motor, this bike not only has plenty of pep but will get you about 50 miles per gallon to boot,” said dealership vice-president Bill Bennett. “No doubt there’s gonna be some happy people in October.”
Also on hand for the announcement was Bill Carey, president of Midway RV Sales & Service of Salisbury, another partner in the “100K Prize Giveaway.” Carey is contributing a beautiful 25-foot Trail West by Trail Creek RV, which includes features like an all-rubber roof and air conditioning.
“One of the nice things about this RV is that it is easily and highly customizable aftermarket,” Carey said, “so you can keep it basic or dress it up as much as you want.”
The Barneses, meanwhile, are currently celebrating their 20th year of operations in Delmar, having increased in size virtually nonstop throughout their storied two-decade run of integrity-based, family-style sales and service. It has been that same Barnes philosophy of long-term relationship-building that has propelled them to the very top of their industry in the region and rewarded them with unprecedented growth and popularity.
“We jump at any chance we get to give something back to a community that has been so incredibly good to us since we first set up shop in 1991,” Larry Barnes said. “We wanted to do something very big and very localized with a special group of partners who each had the capacity to contribute something substantial — and, more importantly, meaningful — that could change the lives of a family for the better. That’s precisely what I think we’ve managed to achieve with this ‘100K Prize Giveaway’ contest. Each of our partners is in their own right a business leader in Delmarva, so Beth and I are absolutely honored to be able to team with them to do something fun and exciting for the community.”
The “100K Prize Giveaway” culminates on Sunday, October 30th at noon and will feature food, refreshments, music — including a live performance from the band Anything Goes — and, of course, the drawings for the $100,000 in prizes, with the $30,000 cash-prize drawing at 3 p.m. Winners must be present to win. 
For more information, including registration locations and contest rules, visit

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It was so nice you did such a wonderful giveaway !! I hope you do it again.