Coastal Style Publication Group owners Jon and Erin Westman will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary on October 8, 2010.



Publisher Erin Westman recalls her wedding day as Coastal Style Weddings walks down the aisle

Written By: Erin Westman | Photographer: Stan Stearns

It’s your wedding day. The day that instantly becomes one of the single most important and significant days of your life, for so many reasons. I remember the day Jon and I were married, five years ago this October, as if it were yesterday – the nerves, the dress, the church filled with family and friends, the anticipation, the ceremony, the reception – and of course, the rain (A drought-ending monsoon was also an unexpected and unwelcomed guest, but that’s a story for another time). Regardless of the circumstances, such as a relentless rainstorm, or if the reception site’s air conditioning malfunctions, if your cake melts or a member of your catering company helps himself to one of your gifts (all part of the same story), the only thing that truly matters when the sun rises the next day is that you are married to the person of your dreams – and there are few things on this earth more precious than that.

That’s why we’ve created a resource for couples-to-be. Two times each year (early spring and late fall), we’ll produce Coastal Style Weddings – a publication to devoted to highlighting the people, places and business who strive for perfection to enhance your
wedding experience. Our advertising supporters are local industry experts – seasoned professionals who can assist you in the planning, preparation and execution of the your big day.

We would love to share your special day with our readers. Upload your photos and tell us the details. Your wedding could be featured in an upcoming issue.

Our next issue of Coastal Style Weddings debuts on March 1, 2011, so if you are to be married between now and then, I wish you the very best of luck and a lifetime of happiness.

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