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Greg’s Tasting Room serves up new opportunities for wine enthusiasts

Written By: Jonathan Westman | Photographer: Stephen Cherry

Want to learn more about wine, but not sure where to start? Never fear. Every other Wednesday night at Greg’s Tasting Room — also known as the balcony of The Globe in Berlin — wine enthusiasts of all levels sample selections from around the world, ask questions of the experts on hand and receive extensive notes on the history of each wine. And the kicker of it all — it’s absolutely free.
Greg David, The Globe’s wine and bar manager, initiated the tastings last October and has been educating and entertaining patrons ever since.
Each tasting traditionally encompasses three reds and three whites, although occasionally a sparkling or a port might be included in the mix. Of late, Greg, and his colleague, Steve Carlson of The Country Vintner, have been playing a fun game with those in attendance by pitting certain wines against one another. For example, one recent evening’s offerings featured Italian wines versus California wines.  
Before each event, Greg emails detailed notes and tasting evaluation sheets about the featured wines to everyone who had participated previously. Guests can then jot down their thoughts and rate each wine based upon their preferences. 
“This packet of information allows each person to numerically grade the wine,” Greg said. “We have a lot of novices who come and want to learn about wine. This is a great platform for them to do that. I constantly hear, ‘Wow! I gave that wine 28 points! I really enjoyed it!’”
The regions and varietals of wine change with every tasting, so returning patrons will try offerings completely different from their last experience. 
“When you come to our tastings, you’ll often try grapes that you probably haven’t experienced before. We showcase a lot of different wines,” Greg said. “It’s great. You get to sample and learn about wine in a very unpretentious atmosphere and it’s free. It often turns into a nice date night.” 
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