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Jeffrey Auxer blew onto the Worcester County art scene with spectacular glass works

Written By: | Photographer: Stephen Cherry

Going into his senior year at Salisbury University, Jeffrey Auxer never thought he would own a gallery. In fact, as a business major who anticipated going into marketing and advertising, he only took a few art classes because he thought they would be advantageous to his future career goals. Today, the Pennsylvania born artist finds himself the founder and proprietor of Jeffrey Auxer Designs, an upscale blown glass and ceramics gallery and studio just one block off Broad Street in the art district of downtown historic Berlin.

After holding some successful private shows, he decided to start looking for a building to open his own studio and gallery. In April 2009, a carriage house on Jefferson Street proved to be the perfect site to put down roots for his fledgling company. Built in 1897, the structure was in need of repair. 

During the renovations, Jeffrey found a way to apply his contemporary style to the design while maintaining much of the historic integrity of the building. In its deliberate simplicity, the building contains only an office (which Auxer has covered with Philadelphia Eagles paraphernalia), a modern bathroom that boasts a cane vessel sink (which he both makes and sells), an open room where he displays items for sale and a studio with large windows where his equipment is housed and the items are produced (the latter safely distanced from curious patrons). 

In his studio, Auxer creates pieces that range from the functional to the purely artistic. Some — such as ornaments, bowl sets, vessel sinks, elegant wine glasses and decanters, table centerpieces, pendant lights and vases — are designed and created with both functionality and beauty in mind. Others are intended simply to serve as artistic accents to your space. One daring example of innovation in color and design is the multi-colored plate series that undulates boldly up a wall in his gallery. 

In an effort to give interested parties the chance to create their own works of art and to learn the methods of the craft of glassblowing, Auxer hosts classes in his workshop. And, for every-one who is wondering — yes, he gladly adds customized and commissioned pieces of all kinds to his repertoire.



Jeffrey Auxer Designs


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