November-December 2013 | ONE SUPER COLLECTION




Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Grant L. Gursky

In the everyday world, Tim Mizak is a mild-mannered manager for a national retail chain. But when day is done, his civilian costume comes off, and he transforms, once again, into… Action Man.

Tim discovered his passion for collecting action figures in 1995, when he was just 10 years old. Back then it began with Drake and Bazooka from the Tiger Force Series of the G.I. Joe action-figure collection. Since then, he has amassed a total of more than 3,000 figures, spanning everything from G.I. Joe, Star Wars and the Ghostbusters to both Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

“To create a really good collection, you need to know where to look,” advised Tim, who has a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from Towson University and an MBA from Salisbury University’s Perdue School of Business. “I’ve acquired many from retail stores, of course, but many of my best action figures have been found in thrift stores, garage sales, on eBay and at toy shows and conventions.”

But Tim's collection represents more than just a labor of love; they are a financial investment, too. While the most Tim has shelled out for any single action figure is $100, his G.I. Joe Terror Drome playset is worth approximately six times that. He also estimates the current value of his entire collection is well over $10,000, taking market considerations into account.

When asked if he has his version of a great white whale, Tim responded that it would either be the G.I. Joe Mauler Tank issued in 1985 or the Big Millennium Falcon of the Star Wars series. The favorites of his current collection, however, are the five pieces of 18”x12” production art from his G.I. Joe collection and his 1997-issued Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight.
“It was actually the Skywalker Jedi Knight action figure that inspired me to study industrial design in college,” said Tim, who lives in Berlin with his wife, Angee. “My dream job is to work as a brand manager for a toymaker like Hasbro.”

Tim added that even after all these years, his ardor for collecting action figures remains unabated and that he still gets just as excited when he picks up a new cool one as he did when he was a kid. Currently, Tim is especially on the prowl for Colossus action figures from the Marvel Comics line, gobbling up virtually any figure he can get his hands on.

Based on the rate at which Tim Mizak is stabling superheroes, evildoers throughout the multiverse had better steer clear of Berlin.


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