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Todd, Jill and Sophia Ferrante



Park Place Jewlers celebrates 15 years of sparkling selections, exceptional customer service and unwavering community support

Written By: | Photographer: Stephen Cherry

If it shimmers, shines, or sparkles, it can be found at Park Place Jewelers — in the glass display cases and on the faces of the team behind the counters. 
A fixture in the resort-area jewelry scene for 15 years, Park Place Jewelers reflects owners Todd and Jill Ferrante's commitment to selling exceptional jewelry and delivering outstanding customer service. Living their part of jewelry's iconic role in life is something 
the Park Place family takes very seriously. 
“Jewelry has ties to so many of life's major events — birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries,” Jill said. “Jewelry is a business of memories new and old, family traditions and family heirlooms, whether it is a custom-crafted pendant or your grandfather's watch or grandmother's ring.”
After many years in the beach-photo business, Todd opened his first jewelry business — Michael's Jewelry on Fifth Street and the Boardwalk — in 1996. Three years later, Park Place Jewelers was born between Second and Third Streets on the Boardwalk, and within six months a second location opened in the West Ocean City Outlets. 
It was that same year that Todd's future wife, Jill, joined him. In 2009, Todd and Jill expanded their West Ocean City location to the White Marlin Mall when they unveiled their new and spacious 2,500 sq. ft. showroom.
Park Place Jewelers has its roots as a resort jewelry purveyor offering seaside stylings to locals and tourists alike, but over the years it has grown into the premier destination for nautical treasures, artful adornments, diamond engagement rings and everything in between. 
Its beautiful wall exhibits and display-cases reveal bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces, engagement rings, wedding bands and watches, in a variety of finishes, textures, techniques and settings that feature precious or semiprecious stones, from alexandrite to watermelon tourmaline.
One of the hottest concepts in jewelry today is PANDORA bracelets and jewelry. PANDORA is an exciting and interchangeable collection of jewelry that provides women the opportunity to create their own signature style and express their own unforgettable moments. Park Place Jewelers has carved out an entire section of the store devoted to PANDORA bracelets, charms 
and jewelry.
The recent addition of California-based bridal ring company Tacori enhances Park Place Jewelers already excellent wedding ring collection with its high-end quality designs and signature crescent and halo settings. 
For men, Park Place Jewelers carries an extensive array of wedding bands from the simple and traditional to the extreme and exotic. Alternative processes and performance metals feature Mokume, Damascus steel, cobalt chrome, camouflage and more.
The distinctive OC Hook jewelry began as a single bracelet and has evolved into a phenomenal collection, which now includes rings, charms, earrings, pendants and more. 
“Destination bracelets have really taken off,” Todd said, pointing out the Assateague 
Island, Chesapeake Bay and Ocean Pines hook bracelets, now available and featuring crabs, lighthouses, pine trees and other icon in the unique clasp design. Look for the new 10th anniversary OC Hook Bracelet coming in May 2012. 
The current collection evolved over the last decade, growing as the shop's customer base did, refining as they learned what their clientele desired. The collaboration resulted in the recent addition of fine-jewelry designer Tacori and legendary Swiss-watchmaker Movado. 
Todd is always on the lookout for new designers and collections to enhance the store's offerings. Going the extra mile has helped cement those long-term relationships. Whether it is starting those traditions with new creations or continuing them by reworking, updating or repairing a family treasure, Park Place Jewelers always exceeds their clients’ expectations — and they do so with style. The in-house repair and custom-creation business, anchored by two goldsmiths — with over 75 years of combined experience — is just as much a part of the Park Place experience as the attention at the retail counter.
“You can stop by on a budget, or you can come in here to spoil yourself,” Todd said. “ We offer something for everyone.”
The holidays bring a little sparkle for the tree as well. Park Place offers elaborate Christopher Radko and Joy to the World ornament displays, featuring European hand-blown, glass ornaments depicting such holidays icons as St. Nicholas, Christmas trees, snowmen and dreidels, as well as more contemporary adornments, which showcase collegiate and professional sports teams, even an exclusive Ocean City surfboard.
Todd — who attended Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in New York for his diamond certification, and his experienced, talented staff understand the intricacies and nuances of their jewelry, from aesthetics to function, and manufacture to materials. Each collection has a backstory, and each piece has its own part to play. 
Among the many small touches that make these treasures unique, Todd explained, are microprongs that create a virtually invisible setting on one diamond ring, or moveable crab legs on a Denny Wong pendant. A stunning Steven Douglas creation uses a mermaid's hair to hoist the bail on a pendant, and Artful Images utilizes a very high temperature to bake enamel to a perfect patina on a nautilus-shell necklace. 
“I think what I appreciate most about jewelry is its beauty,” Todd said. “It is a timeless piece of art that you can wear.”
There is no separating the selection from the service at Park Place Jewelers. In fact, what's in the store now is a direct result of the relationships the Ferrantes have built one sale at a time.
“We always listen to our customers,” said Todd and Jill, proud parents of their beautiful daughter, 4-your-old Sophia. “Just because I like something doesn't mean our customers will like it. We learn what they like and carry what they want. It's about the relationships we’ve built and continue to build. As long as we can make people happy, we will be successful.”
Two of the thousands of satisfied Park Place Jewelers’ clients shared why they love doing business with Todd and Jill: “I have been dealing with Todd and Jill for many, many years,” said Linda Sears, an Ocean City resident of 27 years and Park Place customer for more than a decade. “From the day my husband and I walked into their store, we were overwhelmed by their customer service. We own our own business, and it’s all about customer service to us. From the very smallest little thing to the beautiful mermaid necklace my husband purchased for me for Christmas a year ago, every piece I purchase at Park Place is an investment and Todd and Jill look at it as an investment in our relationship. They are like family to us.”
“Shopping at Park Place Jewelers is a wonderful experience,” said Pam Peay, a Park Place customer for seven years and a resident of The Parke in Ocean Pines.” It is always a treat — like an grand adventure to see all of the beautiful jewelry.
“While attending a benefit for Believe in Tomorrow, I purchased all three of the Park Place pieces in the silent auction,” Pam said. “It was for a very good cause, but that shows you how much I love Park Place and how much they care about the community.”
And it goes beyond the jewelry for Pam, too, who like Linda Sears, said her experiences with Todd and Jill invoke very strong sentiments.
“They are like family to me,” Pam said. “We have a personal connection. I have introduced many friends to Park Place Jewelers and they have all had the same experiences that I have enjoyed. I am retired, but if I had ever had to go back to work, I’d work for them.”
“We love our new customers, but without our repeat customers we wouldn't be here,” Todd continued. “Our customers are our friends, and our friends are our customers, so they are nearly interchangeable. The same is true for our team. We just couldn't do this well without a great team.”
Park Place Jewelers' commitment to their customers is unquestioned, and so, too, is 
their dedication to the community where they live and work. Supporting charitable endeavors has always been one of Todd and Jill’s passions and for the Park Place family, this devotion represents one of their essential core values. Each Thursday, Park Place hosts a “ladies’ night” event, and in October, a portion of the proceeds benefited the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Meanwhile, donations from the recent third annual Park Place Jewelers’ Treasure Hunt, held in late September, were presented to Diakonia. Like most jewelry stores, Park Place has been buying gold for years. However, Todd and Jill go above and beyond the traditional industry transaction by donating a portion of those funds to aid various coastal charities, including Coastal Hospice, The American Cancer Society, The Worcester County Humane Society and Believe in Tomorrow Foundation. 
Todd and Jill also give their personal time and support to many local civic organizaions for the betterment of our community. Todd currently serves as president of the Ocean City Development Corporation and is a member of the Ocean City/Berlin Optimist Club and the AGH Foundation Board, as well as recently serving as the president of the Greater Ocean City Chamber of Commerce and the Boardwalk Development Association. Jill is an active member of the Atlantic General Hospital Ladies Junior Auxiliary and a full time mom. 
“It's so very important, personally and professionally, that we give back to the community,” Todd said. “This is our home, where Jill and I will raise our family. There’s no better feeling that to play a small part in the growth and prosperity of our community — and we’re honored to do so.”
Holiday Open House Event
Kick off the holiday season as Park Place Jewelers makes gift-giving a whole lot easier with exciting events like its Holiday Open House, November 12 and 13. This is where Todd and Jill unveil many of the latest and unique pieces to their customers.
Couples can also fill out a wish list for any special occasion like Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. It makes finding the perfect gift a breeze for loved ones. 
In addition to making birthstone information and anniversary milestones easy to determine, the staff advise customers to incorporate a variety of jewelry to their wish lists, as well as items of diverse styles and price points. The wish lists remain on file, so any member of the Park Place team can instantly access it to help their customers select the perfect gift. 
Ocean City location: 410-289-6500
West Ocean City location: 410-213-9220

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