November-December 2010 | DECK THE HALLS




For the kind of ideal finishing touches that not only invoke the true spirit of the holidays, but also guarantee your home will greet the season like a yuletide masterpiece, Debbie and John Rogers of Village Greens have both the expertise and the produc

“There’s artificial greenery and trimmings that are beautiful and look almost as good as the real thing,” Debbie said. “They are especially good options when trimming near sources of heat, like fireplaces. But you still need to be careful, because even artificial greenery can be a fire hazard under certain circumstances. To keep things moist and hedge against such circumstances, I spray even the artificial stuff with water.
“I also recommend battery-operated candles over actual candles. They not only look wonderful, but they are safer and don’t require unsightly and inconvenient extension cords.”

“When buying live holiday greenery from a retailer, make sure the item has been kept in the shade and therefore out of direct sunlight,” Debbie advised. “Wreaths and such that have been exposed to sunlight dry and fade much quicker, becoming eyesores instead of embellishments — to say nothing of fire hazards.
“Another good maintenance tip is to use a product called Wilt-Pruf on all your live greenery decorations. It’s a great plant protector that works wonders on things like rhododendrons and magnolias.”

“A big seller for us are the mixed wreaths,” Debbie said, “with pine cones, cedar and juniper berries on a Noble Fir base. Also beautiful are the old-fashioned balsam wreaths, which are very fragrant but dry out quickly. Here’s a great tip: You can buy balsam clippings, put them in a vase with water and place them at strategic locations all around the house. Not only are they appropriately festive, they imbue your home with an authentic walk-in-the-woods aroma.
“Other popular wreath bases include cedar, white cedar, boxwood, crow’s foot and juniper, many of which are native to this region.
“We have or can get pretty much any wreath you’d want in sizes that range from 16 inches to 86 inches in diameter.”

“The true feel of the season often comes from when you’re surrounded by subtle reminders of it. Thus, door arches and garland, centerpieces, basket arrangements and a wide variety of door, window and gate swags are the extra mile of Christmas care that bump the ambiance — and therefore the
richness of the memories – to the next level. Feel free to add poinsettia at your discretion — or fruit, for the Williamsburg look.
“For those folks who like to trim the railings and staircases, Village Greens has six varieties of roping and garland — mixed with things like white pine, western cedar and boxwood — suitable for indoor or outdoor railings.
“What my family loves to do is spray paint pine cones, dried hydrangea bloom or lotus seed pods in colors like gold, silver, white or dark red and place them in a receptacle along with other greenery, for a rich and beautiful holiday look.
“And while we’re on the subject of trimmings, remember: Never use real mistletoe inside any home that may have children or pets, as one single berry can be lethal to them.”

For a Christmas tree like no other, Village Greens offers gorgeous Frasier fir trees kept in water. In fact, Debbie Rogers is so manic about maintaining maximum freshness, her Christmas trees are guaranteed to have been cut within one week of delivery to her store — a claim few Christmas tree vendors can make. And for a nominal fee, Village Greens will deliver your tree right to your doorstep.
When you’re calling or visiting her charming nursery and garden center, be sure to ask Debbie Rogers about her custom-made bows, available in a variety of colors, sizes, materials and prints.


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