Dr. William Allen, DDS, FAGD, MAGD A PASSION FOR HIS PROFESSIONA PASSION FOR HIS PROFESSIONFormer Miss Maryland Gabrielle CarlsonDr. William Allen’s team of certified dental professionals: (standing from left) Amanda Gentile, CDA; Heather Frostbutter, CDA; Molli Geppert, RDH; Missie Williamson, CDA; and Elaine Freese, CDA QDA E



Dr. William Allen brings impeccable credentials, industry-leading techniques and state-of-the-art technology to the Eastern Shore

Written By: Jonathan Westman | Photographer: Grant L. Gursky

The thought of visiting the dentist for a checkup, a cleaning or worse — a serious problem — is often one of the most nerve-racking and dreaded scenarios people must contend with each year. Frequently, rather than confronting their fears and addressing the situation, they disregard or cancel upcoming appointments and allow the problem to painfully fester.

Dr. William Allen, DDS, FAGD, MAGD has made it a professional priority to change the negative perceptions associated with dentistry. And while the international lecturer who trained at 14 prestigious postdoctoral institutions, including Johns Hopkins University, openly admits he himself doesn’t like going to the dentist, his practice is designed to effectively treat not just the problem, but to care for the person as well. 

“This is a very rewarding profession, but it’s also extremely difficult because no one likes going to the dentist, “Dr. Allen said. “Typically, they’re scared due to bad dental experiences in their past, so they delay treatment and often arrive in severe pain. Our goals are to make each patient healthy, so they love their smile, and to form a personal bond with them so that the fear of future dental visits becomes a thing of the past.”

Dr. Allen’s Eastern Shore-based practice is a state-of-the-art facility that features the very latest in both equipment and techniques, including digital X-rays and sensing systems, Invisalign and cosmetic implants. Patients often think of his office as a "boutique practice — one that is focused on the specific needs of each patient, regardless of the time involved, rather than a larger group practice that sees a sizable number of patients daily.

“We’ve invested significantly in the practice. We’re trying to bring a Johns Hopkins-type environment and experience to the Shore,” Dr. Allen said.

The results shine in his patients’ smiles and are reflected just as brightly in their glowing recommendations of his work.
One of Dr. Allen’s cosmetic dentistry patients is former Miss Maryland Gabrielle Carlson Heller. “Dr. Allen is so caring and kind, both personally and professionally, and he makes dental care easy, comfortable and beautiful. As a winning competitor, I want a winning smile. I did extensive research to find the best dentist based on his or her training, experience and credentials. I am so thrilled with my Invisalign and cosmetic dentistry. I recommend Dr. Allen and his staff to everyone.”

“We know every one of our patients personally,” Dr. Allen said. “We know their families, where they were born, where they lived and what they did before they retired. They’re almost like family. We develop a personal bond with each patient and communicate openly, to give options, so that they can choose the treatment they want, because frequently, to resolve the problem, there might be three or four different ways we can do things.”  

New patients of Dr. Allen’s can expect a dental experience like no other — especially during their initial visit. Dr. Allen and his staff reserve 90 minutes exclusively for each new patient, to determine what their needs are and to get to know them personally.

“We’re going to do a comprehensive exam, take digital X-rays and intra-oral photographs, conduct a smile analysis and discuss their past experiences, talk about what they expect from their dentist and what they’d like in the future,” Dr. Allen said. “And then, we’ll educate each patient by showing them videos on the conditions they have and discuss their treatment options. I think they’re really surprised when they leave that they spent an hour and a half on a comprehensive dental exam.”

When it comes to training, few are as credentialed as Dr. Allen. He is a Fellow and Master of the Academy of General Dentistry — a prestigious distinction that fewer than 2 percent of dentists achieve in their careers.

“It took me 20 years to go through the entire process, but it was well worth it,” Dr. Allen said. “It made me a better dentist because I can confront every single situation.” 

Twice honored by the Maryland Senate for his stature in dentistry, Dr. Allen’s qualifications and decades of practice 
correlate directly to the high level of patient confidence and trust that his practice enjoys. His extensive education and clinical experience allow him to make the proper diagnosis and treatment assessments for each patient — circumstances that are not always the case in his industry.

“My background provides me a comprehensive view of what the patient’s problem is,” Dr. Allen said. “As an example, if you have a dentist who doesn’t perform root canals, and most dentists don’t, they don’t truly understand the diagnosis of the problem. The situation might not even require a root canal. It might be something else — a crack in the tooth, a gum problem or something else. If they don’t have the basic understanding of how to do things, how can they diagnose what all the problems are?”

This, unfortunately, leads to cases that are misdiagnosed, often resulting in unnecessary and potentially damaging treatments.

“The best, and cheapest, dentistry is when the right thing is done extremely well the first time and lasts a very long time,” Dr. Allen said. “I take great pride in my ability to do this consistently.”

The team of highly trained, professional assistants working with Dr. Allen provides each patient with experience 
and dedicated support during each visit.

“I couldn’t do anything without them,” Dr. Allen said. “Everyone is a certified dental assistant, which is unusual in our industry, and each has a radiographic certificate as well. They’re experienced and highly trained too. Most of them have 15 years or more experience. They typically come from the big city, worked in high-quality practices and have moved to the beach. I’ve been lucky enough to hire them.” 

Dr. Allen, a biology major and art minor in college, views his professional work as a combination of both studies.

“Dentistry is art and science,” Dr. Allen said. “Cosmetic dentistry is just incredible. To give someone a beautiful smile with the look they’ve been dreaming of is truly rewarding. That’s why I chose dentistry as my profession; I’m very enthusiastic about it.”  


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