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The Lednums have learned much in the 40 years since Creative Concepts was founded, including that a close-knit family is the key to its success

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Stephen Cherry

In 1973, Wayne and Bobbi Lednum opened a little window-dressing store in an otherwise nondescript strip mall on Bethany Beach’s south side. They were raising three school-age sons and doing their best to create a business that would support them. Now, on the occasion of Creative Concepts’ 40th anniversary, three generations of Lednums work in their Ocean View and Lewes stores, and in the company’s warehouse in Frankford. For them, the secret of their success all boils down to family.

“The rewarding thing about truly being a family business,” Wayne said, “is that you get to spend time with your children, working. The subtleties of the work environment tend to be the same as the family’s. There are so many positives. We have a strong family work ethic, and we all care about one another.” 

No matter where you look, you see a Lednum by birth or marriage. Bobbi runs the Lewes store, while eldest son Craig handles purchasing, along with Wayne, in addition to marketing and sales for both locations. Steve, the middle son, is responsible for the warehouse, store deliveries and the intricate role of customer service following sale and delivery. Their youngest son, Scott, maintains the properties and was the key to building 
Creative Concepts’ flagship location, at the corner of Rtes. 26 and 17. Steve’s wife, Gail, meanwhile, functions as their senior designer and is instrumental, along with the design team, in creating the sharp, inviting vignettes that have become a hallmark of the company. Finally, grandson Cory is “making his bones,” so to speak, working in the company’s warehouse, while grandson Justin not only works at the warehouse but also the Lewes location, where he is poised to become the third generation of Lednum to sell for the company.

The evolution of Creative Concepts has spanned four decades in four different buildings. That first store focused on window products and beach furniture. Craig was just 16 at the time, installing shades and blinds before he even had his driver’s license. Today, they are a full-fledged, multilocation furniture store that provides everything the part-time or year-round homeowner needs, from furniture and accessories to window treatments and rugs.

For the Lednums, the adage “family business” comprises a strong and true promise. Craig and Steve were both designers in the stores’ earlier days. Family members joke that Craig is their leader, though the self-effacing man tends to cringe whenever he hears that, asserting he’s “just another Lednum doing what he’s supposed to do.” Craig and Wayne both act as the store buyers for their product lines and inventory. 

The Lednum Family’s way of doing things has not only kept them close but their customers close, too. Many of them are multigenerational patrons, while others have actually become family friends who wound up working for the company. As much today as ever, the clan’s talents are solidly visible in the inimitable look of their two stores. Vast floor space feels cozy and lifelike, with stunning vignettes and furniture groupings juxtaposed across the multiple showrooms. Nothing appears to be duplicated, yet any look, feel, fashion or fabric emerges readily. The art of dressing windows, the original staple of the family’s first store, continues as a vital constituent of Creative Concepts’ signature flair. To this day, they remain the only Hunter Douglas Gallery of window treatments on the coastal Eastern Shore.
Though it would be tempting for many to enjoy their long-term success by settling into a staid posture, the Lednums prefer to remain dynamic. This spring, Creative Concepts not only added the exciting new collection of Panama Jack outdoor furniture but also a wonderful new indoor collection called Palm Island, which is perfect for the homeowner looking for a beachy feel while observing the good taste of timeless elegance. When visiting either of Creative Concepts locations, ask to take a look at Palm Island’s Bali series, which boasts several pieces that are just dripping with sun-drenched perfection. Creative Concepts offers their first-rate complementary design services, available for one room or an entire house, as well as up to six months of in-house financing for qualified buyers. And even 40 years later, they strive now as much as they did in the beginning to maintain what they consider their trademark: providing the best 
design, service and value on the beach. 
302-539-6989 (Ocean View)  302-645-6200 (Lewes) 

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