May-June 2010 | THIS FILM IS A BIG HIT

Solar Shield Midatlantic's Paul Musik



Solar Shield Midatlantic clients have it made in the shade

Written By: | Photographer: Stephen Cherry

Looking for a quick, easy, inexpensive way to increase your home’s energy efficiency while preserving its beauty? The answer may just be window film. One such product is available from the venerable 3M, the same Minnesota-based technology company that brought the world everything from videotape to Post-It Notes.
“There are just so many reasons to go with window film,” said Paul Muzik of Solar Shield Midatlantic, an authorized 3M window-film dealer-installer located in Ocean View, “that it would be a serious disservice to any homeowner not to explore the possibilities.”
A closer look at the merits of the product suggests that Muzik may be right. Among other things, high-quality window film is guaranteed to:

• Offer fade protection for your furniture, drapes, carpets, hardwood floors and more
• Reduce glare up to 82%
• Reduce UV rays up to 99%
• Reduce heat gain through your windows up to 78%
• Provide increased comfort and energy savings
• Prevent injury from shattering glass fragments due to crime and destructive weather
“In fact, according to 3M estimates,” said Muzik, who runs his business with wife Pat, “100 square feet of installed window film can reduce the energy your air conditioner requires to cool your house by one ton, or 12,000 BTUs. That’s a lot of energy.”
Yet window film seems to be just as good an idea in the wintertime, as 3M offers a special low-emissivity, or “low-E,” film that can reduce heat loss in winter by as much as 30 percent. Have you taken a good look at your heating bill lately?
Best of all, the United States government may even help you pay for it. According to Muzik, consumers purchasing qualifying 3M Window Film products for their homes between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010 are eligible for a 30 percent tax credit on the costs of qualified window film products, up to a maximum of $1,500. Ask him for complete details.
Window film by 3M is available in a wide variety of shades and tint degrees, according to what the customer is ultimately looking to achieve.
“The four essential questions I ask all my customers right from the start are: Do you mostly want to retain heat? Do you mostly want to reduce glare? Do you mostly want to discourage the fading of fabrics, flooring and furniture? Or do you want all of the above? The answers to those questions will determine the particular kind of film that a customer should have based on his or her priority structure,” Muzik said.
Solar Shield Midatlantic offers free estimates within 24 hours of your call, and according to its proprietor, is ready for virtually any job on your house or office building regardless of size.
“We’ve done jobs as small as two or three square feet and as large as two- or three-story office buildings,” reported Muzik. “So, no one should be reluctant to call because they think their needs are too small or too big. As I always say, ‘Whether you have one window or 100, I’m gonna take care of you.”

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