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From ceramic tiled showers to granite, cabinetry, flooring and fixtures, Herl’s Bath & Tile Solutions is one of the Eastern Shore’s premier custom bathroom remodeling companies

Written By: Jonathan Westman | Photographer: Stephen Cherry

For most teenaged boys, days are consumed with playing video games, collecting bugs and baseball cards and earning Boy Scout badges. Salisbury’s Greg Herling did all of those things, and did them well, but a majority of his free time was spent focusing on a career path. From a very young age, Herling knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur, and his vision, ability and commitment were so strong that his dream came true – at age 15.
The year was 1991 and Herl’s Bath & Tile Solutions, one of the region’s most renowned bath install and repair companies, was born – with his mother, Sally, driving him to and from service appointments.
“I am grateful for the support of my parents, Terry and Sally, who helped me get started,” Greg said. “My mom says I was always an entrepreneur and all I needed was a little nudge, but she is the true backbone of our business. She is quick to dismiss any praise, but she deserves a lot of credit for where we are today and for the successes of our company.”
Herling was introduced to the fiberglass repair trade through the Morris family, owners of Shore Distributors, Inc.
“The Morris family gave me the opportunity to learn how to repair fiberglass and perform their tub repairs,” Greg said. “That’s how my business was started and I can’t thank them enough.”
It was there that he absorbed his surroundings like a proverbial sponge – soaking up invaluable knowledge and industry insight that would allow him to pursue his own venture.
Today, Herl’s Bath & Tile Solutions has more than 25 employees who collectively comprise one of the Eastern Shore’s most recognized and trusted businesses. Known best for their acrylic bath division (which has updated thousands of residences over the years), Herling has set his sights on expanding his bathroom remodeling divison.
“Individual tastes and lifestyles determine the choice of product a person prefers in their home,” Greg said. “We can satisfy the desire of someone who wants the elegance of tile or provide the easy maintenance of acrylic, if that is their preference.”
Customer service is a top priority at Herl’s, which is evident through their commitment to ensure that each and every client’s questions, needs and desires are satisfied – and it begins at the inception of a project. The company’s industry experts discuss the proposed project at length with the homeowner and offer a complete in-home estimate during the consultation phase of the process.
Herl’s spacious, state-of-the-art showroom on Winterplace Parkway in Salisbury features an extensive array of product samples, including vanities, granite, toilets, tile and more, to allow their clients to make all of their selections during one convenient appointment. The company’s talented design consultants assist customers through the entire process and showcase the finalized project through a laptop demonstration in which the new bathroom seems to come to life right before their eyes.
Every new Herl’s customer receives a Property Preparation List – a company-exclusive tool that provides the homeowners with answers to all of the questions they’ll have before the crew arrives to begin the renovation, as well as advises them how to best prepare their residence for maximum effectiveness.
“We are a service-oriented company, and a satisfied customer is the lifeblood of our business,” Herling said. “The only time we want to return to a client’s home is to remodel a second or third bathroom. I spend time researching products before using them in a customer’s home to make sure we are offering the best product available with good warranties.”

Every Herl’s Bath & Tile Solutions renovation project is performed and managed by industry experts who are company-trained and factory-certified in their areas of expertise. Herling, is proud to have a skilled group of craftsmen on his staff. His production manager, Bryan VanZandt, is in constant communication with each client – sometimes twice a day – to guarantee the homeowner’s complete satisfaction.
“We want them to have a wonderful experience from start to finish,” Herling said.
At the renovation’s completion, the client and a Herl’s technician assess the job and review a clean-up roster (another of the company’s exclusive services). Photos of the new bathroom are taken and the homeowner receives a gift as a “thank you” for their business.
“Seeing the delight in a client’s face when they view their finished bathroom is most satisfying,” Greg said, “along with the gratification of knowing the customer’s satisfaction is a result of the pride our sales people, office staff, and technicians take in doing their jobs.”

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