Jordan Pippin’s Steel N Glory is sparking with inspiration throughout Berlin and beyond

Written By: Jonathan Westman | Photographer: GRANT L. GURSKY

Berlin native Jordan Pippin recently came across a photo that took him back in time to his first memory, at age 4, of his desire to work with his hands. The image, taken by his mother, Karen, shows Jordan completely captivated by a project of his imagination, using metal and wood to make something special.

Today, 29 years later, it’s his customers who are captivated by his metal-and-wood creations made in his 2,400 sq. ft. studio in the heart of Berlin’s historic district, just four miles from where that photo was taken. Pippin’s Steel N Glory specializes in custom-made metal-and-wood furniture and promotional pieces for businesses, as well as home décor and custom fabrication. From business-brand signage and corporate conference tables to one-of-a-kind handrails accented with custom-milled red- wood-and-steel door faces that symbolize the homeowners’ love for the state of Maryland, Pippin has made it.

“I pride myself on being unique,” Jordan said. “Creating eclectic, rustic pieces that will stand the test of the time — that’s what inspires me.”

Pippin was introduced to welding through his purchase of a 1968 Triumph motorcycle. After he and a friend made some minor modifications to their bikes, Jordan fell in love with the trade. 

He purchased a welder and graduated to bodywork on a Toyota pickup. “I enjoyed it more and more, and realized it was something I wanted to do professionally,” Pippin said.

Jordan attended Keen Welding School in Wilmington, to hone his talents, then took a leap of faith when he transitioned his full-time work as a plumbing contractor to open Steel N Glory in 2016.

“The town has really embraced me,” said Pippin, whose various works are on display at Bruder Hill, Gilbert’s Provisions and Heart of Gold Kids in Berlin and Hair Repair in Ocean City, to name a few. Jordan is currently in discussions with the town of Berlin to create bike racks that would be used throughout its arts-and-entertainment district.

Pippin’s works are gaining him more than referrals; his efforts are being rewarded with acclaim, as he was recently named Artist of the Year by the Berlin Chamber of Commerce.  

“I’m very honored to receive this award, blown away to be honest,” Pippin said. “This town has some seriously talented artists. To be among them is honor enough, but to be recognized and receive the award is incredible.”

Steel N Glory can manufacturer just about any idea, thanks to Jordan’s acquisition of a large CNC plasma cutter. The machine, which is outfitted with scribe, engraving and routing attachments, allows Jordan to transfer his computer-generated designs through CAD-like software to the plasma cutter, which executes the plan with razor-sharp precision.

“We can literally make a customer’s vision into a reality,” Pippin said.

The Steel N Glory showroom, inside unit 3 at 305 Washington Street, features examples of different furniture pieces and artwork, as well as a host of metal and wood finishes.



Randy Grant
Posted On: 3/17/17 12:45 pm
This is fantastic! What a great achievement for a great guy! Congratulations and best wishes in your future!