March-April 2016 | LUXURY IN LEWES




Longtime neighbors became true friends when J. Conn Scott’s Michele Dale transformed homeowner Lisa Kollock’s vision into a stunning reality

Written By: Jonathan Westman | Photographer: GRANT L. GURSKY

Lisa Kollock and Michele Dale lived next to one another on a quiet street in Milford for 10 years. Casual greetings and pleasantries were always exchanged when they saw each another. The neighbors were just that — neighborly — but their busy lives prevented a true friendship from forming. Lisa is a wife, mother of four children and business partner with her husband, Joe, who was always on the go.

Michele, meanwhile, is an accomplished interior designer with the popular J. Conn Scott Furniture in Selbyville. When the Kollocks decided to relocate to Wolfe Pointe in Lewes to build their dream home, it seemed destined that the hardworking professionals would eventually lose contact with each another, save the occasional holiday get-
together or birthday-card greeting.

That’s not how it turned out, however.

Designed and built by Echelon Custom Homes, the Kollocks’ breathtaking new residence offers uncompromised top-level views of the Lewes Lighthouse and two historic lookout towers used prominently during World War II. Once completed during the winter of 2014, Joe and Lisa were eager to share that magical first-holiday season with their children and grandchildren in their new home. But there was one problem. Certain features throughout the house weren’t coming together harmoniously. That’s when it dawned on Lisa to call the one person she was confident would conceptualize her ideas and bring them to life: Michele.

The goal was to create an environment that had touches of Tuscany and splashes of the Mediterranean throughout yet paid homage to the coastal region without the look and feel of traditional beach homes. Because the home is three times the size of Joe and Lisa’s previous house, Michele needed to seamlessly combine new furniture, window treatments and accessories with their favorite items from the old residence, plus purchases they’d made over the years in anticipation of this moment.

Michele, who attended the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City, got right to work. In the dining room, she combined several elements that featured a white-on-white color scheme. Coupled with the Kollocks’ golden paint selection, the space radiates pure elegance. Michele also added new host-and-hostess dining chairs, to enhance the set Lisa purchased from J. Conn Scott several years ago.

“I love the white-on-white look,” said Lisa, “and the textures and colors of the window treatments — right down to the jeweling and bedazzling accents — add such detail. It’s just beautiful.”

In the more formal living room, a Leroy Neiman painting of an Italian city is showcased above the fireplace. Joe and Lisa, who will take their first trip to Italy this summer, purchased the vivid piece during a visit to San Francisco. Pottery displayed in the built-in cabinets framing the fireplace match the paisley chairs and throw pillows and subtly pull the room together. A stylish coffee table and Queen Anne Victorian armchair complete the room.

In the picturesque yet cozy family room (one of Lisa’s favorite rooms), the space comes alive not just by its inviting colors but also by the fun Zebra-stripe side chairs and window treatments that bolster them. Michele reupholstered two chairs and placed them opposite the fireplace for added aesthetics and functionality. Subtle but exacting details were not overlooked either, with Michele’s scrupulously selected mirrors and handpicked throw pillows for the couches, all of which left Lisa thrilled with the finished effect.

The master bedroom, meanwhile, is a spa-like retreat painted in a soothing blue that features a collection of furniture by Century, complete with rich mahogany wood for the headboard, dressers and nightstands. The oversized chair and ottoman in crisp tan fabric offer a relaxing spot to unwind before bed each evening. On the opposite side of the room, Lisa likes to steal time for reading in her perfect nook environment as often as she can. “This is my cozy corner,” Lisa said. “I am an inspirational reader and a healthy-eating advocate, so this my little haven.”

The guest suite features two porthole windows, coral arm chairs and coordinated pillows, collectively accomplishing the salute to the coast Lisa had sought. “This is my father’s favorite room of the house. He likes to say, ‘Honey, I feel like I’m on a cruise ship when I’m in this room.’”

Michele also strategically incorporated a collection of custom vegetable-dyed and hand-knotted area rugs imported from Pakistan throughout the home. “These rugs are to die for. I love them,” Lisa said. “Each helps to pull a room together in its own special way.”

“Every room has a soul, and it was my job to bring each of them out,” Michele said. “I was there to help to translate Lisa’s thoughts into a plan that expressed her family’s individuality and desires. We worked in unison. I just try to remove all of the complications from my clients’ minds.”

“I absolutely was in awe from the moment I stepped in the front door,” Lisa recalled. “I was so happy, I had to call Michele because I wanted her to share my feelings in those moments. Just as important was the realization that everyone at J. Conn Scott was genuinely interested in my ideas throughout the process. Looking at our home, room by room, it was magnificent. They truly heard me.”

“When I am in the Kollock’s home, I have a feeling of great accomplishment and satisfaction,” said Michele, who reports that she and Lisa have become true friends, seeing each other on a regular basis and closer than they ever were as next-door neighbors. “I am very pleased with what happened here.”


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