March-April 2015 | THE STAGE IS SET!




With the unveiling of the brand-new Old Main Stage venue, Leighton Moore’s Seacrets in Ocean City debuts a live-performance and entertainment complex of unprecedented scale for the region

Many people already consider Seacrets in Ocean City to be the region’s most sizzling hotspot. But with the soon-to-be-unveiled expansion of their entertainment complex, it appears that owner Leighton Moore intends to turn up the heat at “Jamaica USA” even more.

The nucleus of the renovation at Seacrets is what staff refer to as the Old Main Stage, which, as of March, will essentially be the New Old Main Stage.

“For about 11 years from 1991, the space had functioned as the Bayfront Nite Club,” reports Moore, who designed what he calls the “rebirth” of the Old Main Stage, along with Seacrets GM Scott Studds and AGM Justin Grimes. “In order to make it more conducive to functioning as a performance/special-events venue, we began by moving the bar over to the bayside windows and clearing the center space so that it could function as a dance floor, in addition to other applications.”

When project is complete, which is currently scheduled for March 14, the New Main Stage will emerge as a 3,000 sq. ft., 200-person venue that will be ideally suited for things like live musical performances by popular local or regional cover bands, country bands and reggae bands, as well as privately booked parties, events and weddings.

“This is going to be an amazing place to have a small- to medium-size wedding,” Moore said. “First, we’ll have an elevated stage where up to a nine-piece band can play, or the bride, groom and wedding party may have their dais. It will also have a vaulted ceiling with a skylight and moveable chandelier. There will be a discrete staging area for the bride, and with a fully equipped, fully functional restaurant kitchen attached to it, our amazing chef, DJ Shirk, and his staff can provide a multicourse gourmet meal with incredible ease.”

Moore went on to say that the multi-award-winning cuisine of Seacrets has always been its unsung hero

but that the rebirth of the Old Main Stage provides the ideal opportunity to showcase its quality.

“I’m extremely proud of our restaurant and food services,” said the Ocean City entrepreneur and philanthropist. “It’s unfortunate that it sometimes gets overshadowed by the attention the bar, club and stage aspects of the operation get, but our food-preparation capability compares favorably with any other restaurant in the area.”

In addition to the food, Moore has gone to great expense to bring a premium sound experience to the newly configured space, as well. Boasting state-of-the-art JBL speakers and Crown amps, the space will have a sound-trapping ceiling and high-tech sound-delay equipment so that all will enjoy an equal and perfectly balanced sound experience from anywhere in the room.

Moore, Studds and Grimes said they anticipate staging dreamlike beach weddings with the feel and amenities of exotic destination events. But these events will offer the irreplaceable convenience an Eastern Shore setting — one that offers spectacular views of the sun as it passes over the ocean, en route to an exquisite sunset over the bay. Moore said that the happy couple and guests will be able to sip cocktails on the beach, then take a few short steps to the Old Main Stage, where dinner and dancing will be waiting.

The all-new Old Main Stage will take its place alongside such popular venues as Morley Hall, the Tiki Stage and two tented outdoor stages. In all, Seacrets’ 3.5-acre campus will be home to a 4,800-capacity peak-season live-entertainment complex, with 14,000 sq. ft. worth of indoor performance space and another 12,000 sq. ft. outdoors.

“As of mid-March, there will never have been any other performance venue in the history of this region capable of anywhere near this capacity for simultaneous live entertainment,” Studds said. “There will be times when we’ll have five or six different bands playing at the same time – including top local, regional and occasionally even national acts –  with the ability to host as many as 10 to even 15 bands throughout the day during peak season.”

Don’t miss Seacrets’ first-ever “Irie-ish” Music Festival on March 14. The St. Patty’s Day-themed music extravaganza will feature a total of 8 bands and 5 DJs, with performances beginning at noon.

The lineup includes:
• The Vigilantes
• The Jimmi Milligan Band
• The Jon Maurer Trio
• The JJ Rupp Band
• The Jim Long Band
• Melodime
• Kristen and The Noise
• The Ocean City Pipes and Drum
• DJ Bobby O
• DJ Tuff
• DJ Davie D and
• DJ Mike T

Also, Leighton Moore and Seacrets invite their extended Eastern Shore family to join them March 14 at 6:30 p.m. for the annual installment of “Locals’ New Year!” celebrating the unofficial commencement of the new summer season in Ocean City.

Seacrets keeps the party rockin’ in April with the “12 Pack of Local” music festival on the 11th. The afternoon event will include a fun mix of a dozen great bands along with a robust roster of delicious products from the region’s best local craft breweries.



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