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Kathy Jacobs proudly displays the multiple awards that Brandywine Senior Living won last year.



People are lining up to live at Brandywine Senior Living just for the fun of it

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Grant L. Gursky

The next time someone from your household wonders why it takes Grandma or Grandpa so long to return phone calls, it’s probably because they are living at Brandywine Senior Living in beautiful Fenwick Island, where many residents are experiencing life like never before.
“Many of our residents don’t even have a clinical need to be here; they just like what we have to offer and what living here represents,” reports Kathy Jacobs, Brandywine’s director of community relations. “Right now it’s about 20 percent of our total resident population, but that number appears to be growing.”
The 88,000 sq. ft. facility, which opened in 2008, is scrupulously conceived and structured to provide all of the support, comfort and convenience any senior could hope for. There are currently 98 beautiful and spacious suites separated by floor into what are called neighborhoods, each of which is designed to accommodate a different kind of lifestyle and level of functioning. Reflections — Brandywine’s memory-care community — for example, comprises two floors: one for high-functioning seniors with intact social skills but with some mild cognitive issues or memory impairment; the other is for those with moderate to severe memory impairment. Reflections operates and is administered independently but does 
include various programs designed to integrate the neighborhood with some assisted-living residents wherever practical and appropriate.
The third-floor Serenade neighborhood, meanwhile, features what are essentially lovely one- and two-bedroom apartments, varying in size from about 800 sq. ft. to 1,400 sq. ft. Among the many services and amenities Brandywine provides are concierge and butler services, which are available 12 hours a day, seven days a week. This includes room service, turndown service, housekeeping and valet service, which includes running errands and assistance with planning 
special events.
Brandywine’s declared mission is to provide an environment in which their residents laugh, learn, socialize and simply have fun. That’s why their activities roster makes a cruise ship’s look humble by comparison. Under the auspices of their Escapades… for Life! program, here are just some of the fun-filled activities residents may engage at Brandywine:
• Fun, Fit & Fabulous is Brandywine’s senior exercise program, complete with certified fitness instructors.
• Cooking with Class. All one needs here is their appetite, as Brandywine’s own chefs flex their culinary muscles with demos and throw-downs — all to the benefit of residents’ taste buds.
• Center Stage. Enjoy a complimentary front-row seat as some of the best entertainers in senior living ply their trades to the delight of Brandywine residents and their loved ones.
• Karaoke Knights. Whether one likes singing, laughing or just cheering for those brave senior songbirds, this is one activity not to be missed.
• You, Me & Wii. If you think videogames are only for the young, you haven’t experienced this fun activity. Residents locate their inner-gamers while sharpening their physical and cognitive skills with the help of Brandywine’s “Wii Wizards.”
• Trivia Quest. So many ways to play; so many ways to win. Test your knowledge, and maybe you can be the quizmaster!
• Reelz & Review. Here’s a chance for movie buffs and critics of all stripes to give their take on popular films. VIP passes are available for this Hollywood-style event.
• Curtain Call is where senior-level drama queens, kings and court jesters unite under the lights, cameras and costumes to stage one-act shows of all genres.
• Artist’s Palette isn’t just another run-of-the-mill art class. Here, the emphasis is on painting outside the box and expressing one’s full creativity.
•  Tailgaters brings the games to you, with food, prizes and friendly competitions. Root for your favorite team as part of Brandywine’s team.
•  Lifelong Learning. More and more, researchers are realizing that you can absolutely teach an old dog new tricks and that learning never has to stop. This stimulating program offers fun interactive and educational opportunities on a variety of exciting topics. Improve your computer skills, social-networking skills or learn how to use an e-book reader.
Other amenities at Brandywine include an indoor aqua-therapy pool, fully equipped exercise room, a 20-seat movie theater screening films daily, a pool table, assorted gaming tables, a music room with piano and large-screen TV and a 
library. Also in the community is the very inviting Lantern Room, which includes music, dancing, lively conversation and a 3:30 p.m. happy hour. Brandywine residents also have full access to the Harris Teeter and PNC Bank in Bayside, as well as its live entertainment venue, The Freeman Stage. Brandywine also offers the convenience of Genesis Physical Therapy, right on the first floor.
“We like to think down-the-road and outside-the-box here,” said Jacobs, whose been with the Brandywine Senior Living family for five years. “We sought to replicate the kind of family living that goes on all across America, just more conveniently structured, and based on the feedback of our residents and their families, I’m confident we’ve succeeded.”
Don’t overlook the “and their families” part of what Jacobs said, as complete family-friendliness is a big part of what Brandywine strives to create. On any given Sunday — or any other time during the week — don’t be surprised to hear live-band music washing over the premises as residents and their families gather together for tailgating parties, cookouts, gaming, shows, general entertainment and other special occasions. But don’t think one needs a national holiday or some other mass-cultural event as an excuse to make the most of Brandywine’s social resources. Various areas of the 
community may be reserved by a resident so that they may enjoy some high-quality, yet exclusive, family time — complete with onsite catering and service by Brandywine’s talented culinary staff.
“There’s always so much going on here and so many smiling faces that I literally love coming to work every day,” shared Jacobs. “I think of that Roberto Benigni film, Life Is Beautiful, because around here, it really is!”

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