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Jamie Caine of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and his wife, Dani Caine, of First Home MortgageRAISING CAINE



Dani Caine of First Home Mortgage and Jamie Caine of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage are a dynamic duo in Ocean City real estate

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Grant L. Gursky

Jamie Caine has the prestigious distinction of being in the top 1% of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage agents nationwide. But somehow that’s fitting, considering Jamie is the only son of local legend James B. “Jim” Caine, who is a kind of royalty when it comes to Ocean City real estate.
A college graduate with a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Chicago, Jim Caine is credited with having developed North Ocean City from 94th St. all the way to 142th St. Some of his landmark properties include Caine Keys I (at 94th St.), Caine Keys II (from Old Landing to Channel Buoy), Caine Harbor Mile (Channel Buoy to 120th St.), Montego Bay (130-135 Sts.), Caine Woods (136-142 Sts.) and, on the ocean side, James B. Caine Plat, which spanned the beach from 94th St. to 120th St.
Jim Caine’s tremendous reach went beyond Ocean City, though, all the way to Salisbury, where he built the magnificent Winter Place Farm in 1972, largely in tribute to his wife Joyce, who grew up around horses and considered them her main passion. Jim and Joyce had two children, Jamie and his sister, Bradley. Jamie wound up following in his illustrious father’s footsteps, though he was always aware of the size of the shoes his father had left for the filling.
“I was aware fairly early on that he was important to people other than just me, my sister and my mom,” recalled Jamie of his father, a third-degree black belt in Isshinryu karate who was nicknamed “The Maverick.” “He was always very busy, and I remember that he always worked very hard. Yet, he always made sure he had time for us, and I will always remember feeling very loved by him.”
That same work ethic Jim was so well-known for, right up until his death in 2006 at age 83, also happened to be Jamie’s birthright — and he knew it. Consequently, Jamie has robust memories of afterschool days and summer mornings during high school when he would be on the jobsite, especially Montego Bay, doing prep work, raking the land or sweating in the sand over ripraps and bulkheading. The good, honest work helped the young Jamie earn his name, but it also helped him 
develop an intimacy with Ocean City real estate that would come to serve him extremely well in years to come.
Jamie got his real estate license at age 18 and started doing sales and rentals for Caine Real Estate on 53rd St. He also managed to attend Salisbury University, where he’d earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. Though Caine Real Estate would eventually be sold to Moore, Warfield & Glick in the early ’90s, and that was sold to Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in 2003, one thing remained constant: Jamie Caine was there, leading the office in sales regardless of whose name was on the door. In fact, Jamie was the number-one agent in volume among the local Coastal Association of Realtors in 2012.
“The key to Jamie’s success is twofold,” said his wife, Danielle “Dani” Caine, who is a loan officer for First Home Mortgage in Ocean City. “First, there is no one here who knows the area better — and he just knows everyone; second, he is extremely interactive and hands-on — just like his dad. He’s been offered an assistant or staff many times, to ease the workload, but Jamie learned certain old-school business practices from his father that he has adopted for himself in his own career. I’m not necessarily saying that these old-school principles are equally efficacious in every marketplace throughout the country, but they are definitely the right ones for here.”
Dani’s career actually involves the two working together quite a bit, which they enjoy. (“I like knowing that we both 
understand and appreciate the real estate market. We also like working together to ensure our customers get five-diamond service each and every time,” she said.) After she got her bachelor’s degree in health science, also from S.U., Dani worked as a loan officer at Sun Trust Mortgage in Salisbury for two years and Coldwell Banker Home Loans for another eight before landing at First Home Mortgage in Ocean City almost two years ago.
As a correspondent lender for First Home, Dani specializes in conventional financing instruments for second-home buyers and investors in houses and condos, the latter of which represents a kind of real-estate subspecialty in itself.
“Navigating the often murky waters of condo acquisition in Ocean City and areas like it can be much more complicated than with a traditional house sale,” said Dani, who is licensed in Maryland, Delaware and Florida. “Reconciling and coordinating the would-be buyer with the particular condo association attached to that property is often both an art and a science all at once, and it requires a good amount of experience and expertise to make it go smoothly and with a high success rate.”
Obviously, between Dani’s financing wizardry and Jamie’s unsurpassable knowledge of the local real estate market, this dynamic duo is uniquely poised to help those who wish to launch their own dynasties by owning a residence (or two) in the Ocean City area. But in a fluctuating market, Dani recommends that people look carefully before they leap.
“Anyone contemplating acquiring real estate in this market is well advised to consult a qualified local lender before deciding what property they’d like to own,” Dani said. “Lots of people fall head-over-heels in love with a particular house or condo, only to learn once their hearts are set on buying it that they don’t properly qualify for a safe, secure loan instrument for that property. That’s why it’s better to determine first where you’d like to own, what you qualify for from a knowledgeable local lender second, and go shopping for the property last.”
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