March-April 2013 | MONKEY BUSINESS




With one-of-a-kind furnishings and home accessories coupled with a new spacious location, the Monkey’s Trunk is poised to make your home the talk of the neighborhood

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Grant L. Gursky

It’s been a good decade for John Meyers and Ron Saunders of the Monkey’s Trunk. Their business has continued to grow, unabated, even in the midst of an economy that had devastated many small businesses around the country. Now in their second decade of continuous operation, the partners were able to commemorate the notable occasion with the debut of their facility in West Ocean City, which opened its doors in January 2012.

Whereas Monkey’s Trunk had been leasing space all those years, the advent of their new location means they own the entire building at 12449 Ocean Gateway, which, Meyers is proud to announce, is also the brand-new home of longtime women’s boutique Crazy Ladyz, as of Valentine’s Day.

At 5,000 sq. ft., the new location offers plenty of space to showcase Monkey Trunk’s eclectic, one-of-a-kind gallery 
of offerings. It’s a gallery that you’re sure not to find anywhere else in the region.

“We’re driven by parallel goals here,” said Meyers from one of their many staging areas. “One goal is to have something for everyone, regardless of personal taste or budget. The second goal is to challenge the customer in a way, by offering items that engage their imaginations and cause them to consider the possibilities. It can be lots of fun, and gratifying, to have someone come in anticipating one thing and have them leave overjoyed later on with something entirely different from that preconception.”

Another advantage of the extra space is that they’re now able to include their companion store — Monkey See, Monkey too — under the same roof. Monkey See, Monkey Too is a specialty-lighting and mirror boutique that features everything from traditional lighting schemes to resort and novelty lighting. It is the perfect complement to the boldly eclectic interior furnishings and ocean of accessory options at the Monkey’s Trunk, which includes a scrupulously selected pastiche of traditional, contemporary, period and even exotic pieces guaranteed to dazzle the eye and spark the imagination.

Whether it’s a two-door, four-panel crotch mahogany bar with monkey’s-head door pulls and feet; a bronze-and-brass chandelier with eggshell lanterns and center globe; furnishings and sculptures with Art Deco, industrial and steampunk-art influences; or paintings, lamps and fixtures of every conceivable stripe, Monkey’s Trunk has the products for those discriminating, design-oriented shoppers who not only like to make a statement with their key purchases but don’t want to see that same statement being made by anyone else in the neighborhood.

In putting together such a dizzying array of incomparable visual dazzle, Meyers and Saunders use the furniture catalogs as doorstops and go hunting all over the U.S. Their annual itinerary includes pilgrimages to places like New York, High Point, Los Angeles and Atlanta, each yielding hundreds of new acquisitions, which, once they’re sold, likely won’t be seen in these parts again — except perhaps at your house.

But the owners of Monkey’s Trunk haven’t forgotten that the pride of home ownership doesn’t end indoors. As the Ocean City area’s largest retailer of outdoor furniture, they are the exclusive dealer for such prestigious and popular manufacturers as Polywood and Seaside, with lots of pieces and collections available in either of their two warehouses.
But for those who prefer to have others do the heavy lifting, Meyers and Saunders are delighted to be your personal design consultants — a role, they find, they are being asked to play with increasing frequency in recent years.

“Ron and I actually enjoy designing people’s spaces for them,” said Meyers, who, believe it or not, had spent 20 years with the FBI before discovering that his true calling lay somewhere beyond the horizons of federal bureaucracy. “We 
consider it a fun, creative challenge but a challenge that we take very seriously. For me, it’s that full cycle of finding, 
acquiring, displaying and, finally, placing in a customer’s home that represents the most enjoyable aspect of our business. Those beaming smiles on their faces once we’ve finished — that’s the cherry on the sundae!”


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