March-April 2013 | MASTER OF THE HOUSE




The talented team at Greg Smith Company deliver uncompromised integrity, peerless craftsmanship and true professionalism on every job – and now they’re one of us

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Greg Hadley

Among the countless virtues of the Eastern Shore is the kind of people it tends to attract. Many of them are successful businesspeople and top professionals who have earned sterling reputations in their respective fields. And while they certainly tend to revel in all the glorious wonders of the Eastern Shore, it is also we who benefit because these accomplished and talented people invariably bring their skill sets with them, thereby enhancing the entire region just a little bit. A prime example of this is recent West Fenwick Island resident Greg Smith of the Greg Smith Company.

Founded in 1988, Greg Smith Company is one the leading licensed full-service design/build remodeling contractors and custom-home building firms in Northern Virginia, Montgomery County, Md. and Washington, DC. Whether it’s a brand-new custom home or a major remodel of the kitchen, bath, exterior or entire house, Greg Smith Co. has arrived at the zenith of its industry’s mountaintop by building a first-class reputation for quality design, solid construction, superior client service and unbeatable value. But that’s not all.

Twenty-five years of experience under every conceivable set of circumstances has also made Greg Smith Co. extremely efficient at project management, so, unlike so many who populate his industry, you may rely that Greg Smith will deliver what he promised at the price he’d promised it — and he’ll do it with the affability of your favorite neighbor. In fact, Greg’s company even offers a price guarantee — all of which makes it much easier to understand not only why the area’s top architects love working with his company but also why an incredible 100% of clients independently surveyed say they’d use Greg Smith Company again or recommend it to a friend. Compared with an industry average that is estimated to be 60%–70%, that’s really saying something.

“I have nothing but praise for Greg’s work,” said Travis Brown of Washington, DC. “He is an excellent carpenter, job-site manager and manager of subs and suppliers. He was on the job site every day and took care of the property as if it were his own. He is cooperative, easy to do business with and kept good records and bills in a clear and well-documented manner. In short, we have no complaints and a high opinion of him and his work. I’d recommend him for any project, [though] he seems best suited to high-end residential renovations, additions and the like.”

“We want every one of our clients to be extremely satisfied with the results of our efforts on their projects,” Greg said with discernible sincerity. “We want them to love the look, quality, craftsmanship and functionality of their new environment. We know that home remodeling or building a custom home can be stressful for some and that some have had bad experiences with builders. We strive to ensure that all our clients have a really great experience with us. We want our clients to be very glad they chose us, and we want them to be customers for life.”

If there is a moral of this story, it may just be that one tends to get pretty good at something if they’ve been doing it since age 4. That’s when Greg — who’d earned the coveted distinction of master carpenter by his early 30s — launched his career as a remodeling contractor and builder, helping his dad, Burl, at many a job site with his little box of carpenter’s-apprentice tools.

Granted, that was awhile ago (though those who have known Smith a long time say he still looks pretty much the same), yet the fact remains that when Greg’s company wasn’t executing incomparable construction and remodeling work, it was winning awards for it. In addition to an “Excellence in Design” award and a MCBA “Award of Excellence,” Greg Smith Company has been honored with a Chrysalis Award for Remodeling Excellence, a KABY Award by Washington Spaces magazine, multiple NARI “Contractor of the Year” awards (including the most recent one, in January, for a project in Selbyville) and, perhaps most prestigious of all, a lifetime Big50 remodeling-firm award by Remodeling Magazine, the industry’s leading publication.

All the accolades certainly humble Greg, who prefers to shun the spotlight, but what his friends and family will tell you is that he’s secretly even more proud of the work he does with various charitable and community organizations. Since the late 1990s, Greg has given a full week or two almost every year to help organize and run a youth camp with his church that identifies poor but deserving Virginia residents in Appalachia. He provides home repairs and improvements at no cost to residents, while teaching teens valuable life lessons and the joy of community service. 

Greg also devoted over a decade of his life volunteering to distribute food for a local food bank twice a month, all of which represents Greg’s longstanding gratitude for the blessings he and his wife of 26 years, Margie, have received as well as the belief that if one is in a position to help, they should. As is expected from a contractor of this echelon, Greg Smith Company is fully insured, including business liability and Workers’ Compensation. It is professionally affiliated with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and GuildQuality.


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