March-April 2013 | A MISSION OF MERCY

Dr. James Crouse of The Brace Place
Dr. Edward Dougherty of Delmarva Sediation DentistryDr. Lawrence Michnick of Atlantic Dental C&F DentistryDr. Geoffrey Robbins of Atlantic Dental C&F DentistryDr. Christopher Takacs of Atlantic Dental C&F DentistryDr. Michael Tilghman of Tilghman OrthodonticsDr. Susan Vickers of Seaside SmilesA MISSION OF MERCY



Dentists from across the Eastern Shore unite to help those in need of care

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Grant L. Gursky

More than 100 million people in the United States are without dental insurance. On the Eastern Shore alone, there are thousands of adults who don’t receive adequate or even basic needed dental care, resulting in a silent epidemic of dental and oral disease. It is for this reason that on March 15 and 16, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy will hold its first-ever free dental clinic at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center in Salisbury.

Sponsored principally by the Eastern Shore Dental Society and brought to the area by Dr. Gregory Allen of Salisbury, the Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy will offer free dental care and services that can be administered in one day, including 
preventative dentistry and cleaning, restorative fillings and extractions.

The unprecedented event will feature the very best providers of oral and dental healthcare in the entire region, including Drs. Michnick, Takacs and Robbins of Atlantic Dental Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in West Ocean City; Dr. Edward Dougherty of Delmarva Sedation Dentistry in West Ocean City; Dr. Susan Vickers of Seaside Smiles in Salisbury 
and Berlin; Dr. Michael Tilghman of Salisbury and Berlin; and Dr. James Crouse of The Brace Place in Salisbury.

Though the worthy cause boasts such major sponsors as the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore and the Arthur W. Purdue Foundation, there is still more work to be done to make this inaugural event the resounding success it deserves to be.

“We still need more dentists, hygienists and dental assistants on the clinical front,” said Jenni Pastusak of SURE Public Relations & Marketing. “But we also need additional community volunteers to support the clinic as patient escorts, patient waiting-room management and patient waiting-line assistants.”

Pastusak went on to say that while the free clinic has already raised approximately $62,000 for the event, that’s only about half of what they need in order to properly treat the 1,200 to 1,500 patients they are anticipating over the course of the two-day clinic.

To learn more about the Eastern Shore Mission of Mercy free dental clinic, call 443-365-5776 or visit

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