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Bethany Resort Furnishings owner Kim Messick and her design team make miracles happen where they’re needed the most

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Kyle Ten Eyck

The people of Bethany Resort Furnishings in Bethany Beach, DE had such a feeling of purpose after volunteering to work with ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on the Dunning and Johnson-Goslee houses, they decided to keep the goodwill going by launching a makeover project of their own. The lucky recipient was Jessica Lynch of Berlin.
Lynch hasn’t had it easy the past few years. The survivor of a years-long abusive relationship, Lynch had to flee to a shelter for victims of domestic violence in 2009. She ultimately landed with her three children in a very modest two-bedroom rental house in her hometown. When she decided to give daughters Haley and Senna separate bedrooms, it relegated Lynch and 1-year-old baby Noah to sleep in an enclosed porch with no heat. Learning that story is what nailed it for the talented and compassionate people at Bethany Resort Furnishings.
“We were all in agreement that we couldn’t just sit by and do nothing while [Jessica’s daughter] Haley slept on a box spring and Noah slept in an unheated porch,” said Cindy Centineo, a design consultant at BRF. “It was then that we knew what we had to do.”
According to Lynch, it was soon thereafter that BRF owner Kim Messick arrived with Centineo and colleague Michael Denofrio to tour the house from top to bottom.
“At first, I’d thought they were just going to makeover Haley’s room,” said Lynch, whose mother submitted her story to BRF without her knowledge, “but after they’d inspected the entire house and asked all these questions, I began to get the feeling they were going to go beyond that.”
Undeniably, they did. The BRF team swept into the house on a mission — more accurately, on a tear. In four whirlwind days, not only did they repaint the entire house, install custom murals, new furniture, accessories, storage units, rugs, window treatments and hang draperies, they went so far as to add custom closets, a new dining room and a lot of organization. BRF’s generous gesture included providing heat to the room where 
Jessica and Noah sleep, as well as new bedding. Now 9-year-old Haley has something better than a box spring to sleep on.
“The people of Bethany Resort furnishings — especially Kim and Cindy — were just amazing with the job they did here,” praised Jessica. “They’re all so nice and worked so incredibly fast. When I first walked in after they’d finished the makeover, I was completely blown away. They achieved what I didn’t think was possible: They turned this house into a home. I’ll never forget what they did for me and my children.”
There were other perks, too. In addition to being put up in the luxurious Princess Royale Hotel in Ocean City for two days, Jessica and Haley were treated to a limo ride to a spa, where they received manicures and pedicures. The four-member clan also received free cable for six months, two TVs and a violin and music stand for the precocious Haley. Since first grade, her mother reports with due pride, Haley has consistently been on either the principal’s list or the honor roll. The third grader has also been admitted to an accelerated program and recently won third prize in a countywide science contest.
“It was an honor and a privilege for us to be able to do this for this deserving family,” said Centineo, “but we never could have done it so quickly and thoroughly without help from friends in the community. So, we’d like to thank Sandy James from Creative Day Spa, Tammy Patrick-Cebula of Lovin’ Life Limos, Dawn McGee for the cable installation and service, Joe Albero for the TVs, Mark Kondrath and his workers, Tom Hill of Restonic, LB Steele for supplying porch heat and the anonymous donator of the violin and music stand for Haley.
“Also,” Centineo continued, “in addition to the thanks we owe volunteers like Roxy, Patrick, Lori, Kathryn and Momen, Kim Messick and I would like to express our appreciation to the incredible staff of Bethany Resort Furnishings, who not only worked very hard and selflessly to get this project done right and on time, but also donated many items personally in order to help the Lynch family.”
Ideally, Centineo added, it is the intention of Bethany Resort Furnishings to mount additional makeover campaigns for worthy members of the community they serve, periodically throughout the year.

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