Sea Rock Contracting owners Mark Gibbons, standing, and Chuck Campbell have more than 40 years of construction-related experience.



For nearly two decades, Sea Rock Contracting has been one of the premier providers of building and renovation services along the Delaware Beaches

Written By: Jonathan Westman | Photographer: Stephen Cherry

Over the past 18 years, and after more than 300 completed projects along the Delaware Beaches, Sea Rock Contracting has established an impeccable reputation for its professionalism, creativity, diverse talents and for providing its customers with even more than they expected.
Specializing in the design and construction of new homes, building additions, custom kitchens and bathroom renovations, owners Mark Gibbons and Chuck Coleman believe that a project is not ultimately completed until the homeowner is 100 percent satisfied.
And as their tireless efforts demonstrate, it’s more than just a company slogan.
“Through careful planning and communication with our customers, we ensure nothing less than perfection,” Mark said.  
One example is a recent remodel Sea Rock Contracting performed on an oceanfront home in North Bethany owned by the Kay family. David and Margaret Kay purchased the 3,400 square foot, 2.5-story home in late August and looked forward to the opportunity to spend time at their new residence. Based upon the recommendations of the property’s previous owners, for whom Mark and Chuck had done a number of projects, and after scrutinizing additional references, the Kays hired Sea Rock to transform the house into their home. The renovation plan called for a complete overhaul from top to bottom – and they wanted it finished in three weeks so they could enjoy the Labor Day holiday at the beach.
“We did just about everything you can think of when it came to this project,” Chuck said. “The schedule was aggressive, but we knew we could accomplish exactly what the homeowners wanted.”
The first matter of business was to strip the house down to its core, and in the process, demolish a great number of the improvements that they themselves created for the previous owners. While on the surface that might seem disconcerting to Mark and Chuck, it was actually a blessing.
“Usually when we go into a home, we’re correcting mistakes made by others,” Chuck said. “Our finished work was what we started with, so it really helped us save time because we didn’t have to repair a number of items before we could really get started.”
“After the demo, the house was essentially an empty box,” Mark said.
The project included extensive electrical work and installation of new lighting throughout the home and new flooring in every room (some hardwood, others finished with custom carpet adorned with intricate edging). Mark and Chuck also handcrafted detailed woodwork, including railings and moldings, installed granite countertops and tiled the kitchen backsplashes. Additionally, they replaced the blinds throughout the house,
updated the plumbing fixtures and painted the entire residence. This process also entailed extensive trim work.
And when the three weeks had concluded, so too had the remodeling project – completed on time, on budget, and most importantly, to the customers’ satisfaction.
“We worked around the clock,” Mark said. “It was actually fun. Exceeding our customers’ expectations and beating the deadline was very rewarding.”
It was a rewarding experience for the Kay family as well.
“Having a home at Bethany Beach has been a dream for our family for many years. We were hoping to find a company to turn the house we purchased into a home. We feel very fortunate to have met Mark Gibbons and Chuck Coleman of Sea Rock Contracting. Together with their highly skilled contractors, they more than exceeded our expectations,” Margaret Kay said.
“From the beginning, when we developed our renovation plan through to the very last detail, Sea Rock demonstrated professionalism, dedication and incredible attention to detail,” David Kay continued. “The process was a team effort that resulted in a beautiful place for our family to call home.”
“It is extremely rare to find people who care enough to stand by their word and to deliver what was promised,” Margaret said. “It is even more rare to work with people who treat your home as if it were their own. We have thoroughly enjoyed our relationship with Sea Rock, and we look forward to recommending them to people who demand excellence.”
“We spent some late nights there,” Mark said. “There was a lot of coordinating throughout the entire process with our trusted subcontractors. We try to accomplish most everything by ourselves, but the other companies we bring to a project are professional and reliable.
“One of the reasons this project was successful was because the Kay family provided us with the trust and liberty to handle the project,” Mark continued. “By allowing us the freedom to coordinate the scheduling, we were able to control every aspect of the project, and this allowed us to continue working efficiently and professionally until every aspect of the job was completed.”
“We are very pleased with the outcome,” Chuck said. “This is not just a beach house. It’s a home.”
Continued enhancements at the Kay residence this spring will include an impressive pergola in the front of the house and a new porch in the back.
Sea Rock provides a wide variety of services to homeowners in the Quiet Resorts region, including general carpentry repair, door and window replacement, screened porch and three-season room additions, decking of all types, vinyl fence and railing construction and installation, pressure washing and custom painting and staining services.  
Mark founded Sea Rock Contracting in 1992 and worked with Chuck for years before they became partners. During the company’s first eight years of operation, Coleman was employed at the architectural firm Gibbons consulted for his clients.
This added specialty is another expertise that serves to set Sea Rock Contracting apart from its competition. Through their knowledge of AutoCAD software, they are able to develop and illustrate a project to a client before construction ever begins.
By working together for more than a decade, Mark and Chuck have established a special bond that transcends their professional relationship. They consider themselves “pseudo brothers,” and that connection is often evident to clients.
“We have a great professional relationship,” Chuck said. “When we meet new customers, one of the first things they ask is if we’re brothers.”
“We’ve achieved a comfort level with one another that is very unique,” Mark said. “Communication is key for us, and often we can do so without speaking words. We enjoy craftsmanship, like what we do, and it shows in our work. We truly care about our customers and care about our results.”
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