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Bethany Resort Furnishings Owner Kimmerly Messick
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Bethany Resort Furnishing’s Kimmerly Messick shares a set of easy tips that will add value to your investment property

The fluctuation of the real estate market may be out of your control, but the value of your rental income is something over which you do, in fact, have a lot of control.
Potential renters – or buyers for that matter – are looking for properties that speak to them. Annual visitors want to find places that feel like second homes for their families – somewhere they can return year-after-year, that they can recommend to their friends and neighbors. They want to find their own temporary beach homes.
Kimmerly Messick, of Bethany Resort Furnishings, offers the following advice on ways to build value in your rental properties so that you can attract – and maintain – a lucrative rental business for your investment property – within any budget.

1. Make your property stand out from the rest
by creating a memory point in your home. This will appeal tremendously to both potential buyers and renters who consider so many properties that they all start to blend together. 

2. Keep your rental unit fresh
by purchasing slip covered furniture. If the covers are cleaned after each season, your furniture will continue to look new year after year.

3. Paint or add stripes to your unit to achieve that “put together” look.
Striping – whether accomplished with fabrics or paint – also adds a sophisticated finishing touch to a unit. This great look can be achieved at little cost.

4. Match interiors with custom painted accessories.
Painted bar stools are one example of how custom painting can allow functional accessories to fit right into the overall feel of a home. Samples shown cost as little as $129.00.

5. Protect your walls from being scuffed by luggage racks and beach chairs
installing wainscoting in the entrance area.

6. Add life to the bedrooms with new comforter sets.
Renters and buyers are drawn to clean new linens. This is an easy, obvious and affordable tip. Quality comforter sets sell as shown for as little as $169.00 for a queen set.

7. Protect your furniture from showing wear by using glass tops.
 We often suggest to owners of rental units to protect hard surfaces such as dining tops, nightstands and dressers in this way. A three-bedroom unit can be protected for an average cost of $450. Your cleaning crew will love you for it!

Additional Tip: If you make the decision to sell your unit, take the glass off, and you can present your space with new-looking furniture!

8. Strive for a fresh, clean appearance.
Always steam carpets, remove personal items and have your unit spring-cleaned. 
Additional Tip: Magic Erasers remove scuff marks from everything.

9. Maximize the sleeping capacity of your unit.
Bunk beds are a great way to accommodate four people in even the smallest bedroom – and this doesn’t have to be reminiscent of the Brady Bunch bedrooms. Use a twin on the top, a full bed on the bottom and a trundle underneath. Voila! Now you can sleep four in style!

10. Plan ahead for the future of your investment.
Always, always purchase sleep sofas for your units – even if you don’t plan to rent or think you don’t need them. For rentals they are a must to maximize sleeping capacity. For resale, a sleeper sofa will add value, because it’s a piece of furniture potential buyers will not have to replace if they are going to use the property for rental income.

Additional Tip: Sleeper sofas always add “2” when renters are counting beds.

Editor’s note:Kimmerly Messick, the "Furniture Queen," began her furniture and interior design career in 1980. Owner of Bethany Resort Furnishings for 15 years, Kimmerly attributes the success of the store to her great team. She is extremely committed to the community and truly enjoys the time she spends raising funds for her favorite organizations, The Wellness Community and Peninsula Regional Medical Center.
Email her at with a question, comment or if you would like to schedule an appointment with a design consultant. 
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