Tyler Building Company works in tandem with an Ocean Pines homeowner to build his dream residence

Written By: Robbie Tarpley Raffish | Photographer: GRANT L. GURSKY

Brent Lounge had interviewed three home builders and was growing frustrated. They were all slow to respond, and if they did, they were reluctant to take the path he had laid out. Retired from a career maintaining and servicing printing presses, Lounge was good with his hands and had experience with electrical work. Rather than buying a turn-key package (where the contractor does everything, soup-to-nuts), he wanted to act as his own general contractor but kept hitting the same stone wall.

“None of the contractors I spoke with would do it — until I met Will Tyler. From the get-go, Will was different. He listened to my ideas, priced everything out and then together we separated what I could do. I was impressed from day one,” said Lounge.

Tyler and his wife, Nikki, own Parsonsburg-based Tyler Building Company. For nearly a dozen years, Will and his crew of 20 professionals have built homes and executed renovations and additions across Sussex to Somerset, Wicomico to Worcester Counties. 

Lounge had watched as Tyler built a friend’s home and with his recommendation in hand, reached out.

“This project was definitely not ‘standard,’” said Tyler. “He really knew what he wanted — to do or sub out the site work, flooring, trim, interior painting and cabinetry himself — and was committed to seeing it through. I’ve never seen a client so diligent and organized.”

Together, Tyler and Lounge worked with draftsman Jim Caldwell of Premium Draft and Design to get the plans on paper. Next, they selected siding, roofing and colors. As one finished an area, the other kept the project moving forward.

From the time Lounge went to settlement on the land in March 2014 to the day the home was complete was a very efficient 14 months. 

For Tyler, that attention from a homeowner is uncommon “as most people want the full turnkey approach.” Yet he is very comfortable with the collaborative approach because his business also handles remodels and additions, often on older homes where the homeowner has already made changes.

“Whether it’s a new home, remodel or addition, we like to give the client options,” said Tyler. “They can let us manage the full process or choose to do the pieces they want. However, what you should know about Brent is that it was his diligence that brought the project in on time. He had to be completely finished to receive his certificate of occupancy, which he was. He did the interior work just about as quickly as we could — and that is really rare.”

“Will has a real way about him,” said Lounge. “He makes you feel confident that you will get what you pay for; it’s not commercialized. He and his team take pride in their work. Nothing was ever a ‘problem’ — everything was solvable. And that, in today’s world, is impressive.”


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