The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore rings in 2015 with a new president in the form of Erica Joseph, as well as an unprecedented outreach to Worcester and Somerset counties

Written By: Nick Brandi

They say you can measure the vitality of a community by the magnitude of its philanthropic outreach. With over $50 million in grants and scholarships that provide essential services to individuals, families and other recipients, the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore would appear to be some of the best evidence of this maxim.

Under the stewardship of the CFES, over 600 charitable funds provided more than $4.8 million in grants and scholarships last year alone. These funds support local nonprofits, faith-based and civic organizations that address vital community needs. This year so far, for example, at least 200 local students have received scholarships totaling nearly $300,000 through funds administered by the foundation.

This year also marks the tenure of a new foundation president. In January, Erica Joseph assumed the mantle of leadership when Doug Wilson retired from the post after two years of service. Joseph brings not only an in-depth knowledge the foundation’s infrastructure and the community at large but also a youthful vigor and enthusiasm to the ongoing mission of the CFES.

“I am extremely humbled by the confidence our board and my colleagues have placed in me,” said Joseph, who’s been with the CFES for 11 years. “I plan to honor that confidence by continuing the tradition of excellence and to help the Community Foundation touch as many Eastern Shore lives as possible.”

The board Joseph refers to is itself special. Comprising 25 leading citizens from Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset counties, the CFES board represents a diverse coalition of talent, experience and resources that practically guarantees a robust yet targeted outreach for generations to come.

“My grandfather, Avery Hall, created a lasting legacy through the Community Foundation so that his giving would continue forever,” shared Gayle Widdowson, a Bishopville resident who joined the CFES board this year. “I am inspired by that legacy and hope I, too, may inspire others to create their own legacies of giving by working with the Community Foundation.”

“For over 15 years, the Community Foundation has been an integral part of my family’s charitable giving,” added fellow board member Jim Almand, of Ayres, Jenkins, Gordy & Almand. “We give back to our community because it is the right thing to do, a lesson we learned from very generous leaders across the Lower Eastern Shore.”

The entire CFES board and staff encourage all their friends and neighbors in Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset to experience the unique sense of satisfaction one receives when they have created an enduring legacy of benefitting others.

The Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore has honed its winning strategy of legacy building over the past 30 years. Here’s just some of what CFES community partners may expect:

Specialty. The CFES specializes in helping people fulfill their charitable dreams. It provides professional investment, management and administration of funds, allowing donors to enjoy the virtues of charitable giving without the burden of logistics and paperwork.

Practicality. You will receive an immediate tax deduction for your gift to the Community Foundation.

Versatility. The CFES offers a variety of funds and accepts an array of gift types to best meet the needs you care about.

Continuity. The CFES is here permanently, strengthening the community through philanthropy.

Perpetuity. The foundation is structured to perpetuate the positive influences of their benefactors’ lives through programs, projects and collaborative efforts that express their own unique charitable interests and priorities.


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