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T&G Builders has achieved its venerated status over the years by adhering steadfastly to one central principle: Never compromise on quality

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Grant L. Gursky

Lots of commercial and residential builders flock to the Eastern Shore like hungry seabirds because, let’s face it, we’re a hot property, and it can be nice to be in demand. But just because we attract a lot of outside attention doesn’t mean we haven’t had top-flight, industry-leading professionals here with us the entire time. In fact, one the most esteemed and trusted commercial and residential builders in the region has been quietly earning its peerless reputation from right here in  since 1991 – one impeccably made building at a time. They’re called T&G.
With over 400 custom-built homes under their belts, the people of T&G Builders have from the beginning been driven by a single, inviolable principle: Each structure that T&G builds must be made to withstand the test of time. Its founder, Gary James, made this the central plank of his professional existence from what was essentially the inception of his career in the industry.
“Back around 1988, I’d gone to work for a builder and was able to observe the process from the ground, up,” explained James, who’d first discovered the ineffable beauty of the Eastern Shore around that same time and has made it his home ever since. “It was over the next couple of years that I’d learned enough to realize that I could not only do this myself but I could do it better, with greater exactitude and quality, so I decided to open my own building company.”
Since then, James and T&G have attacked each new project as if it were the only one they would ever do, insisting upon only the very highest in new-construction standards in terms of both procedures and materials.
“We have never relaxed or compromised our construction standards just because some municipal building code allowed us to,” James averred. “We want each project we undertake to be like a stamp, a symbol of our quality and integrity, with each one serving as an enduring monument to what can be achieved when talent, diligence, passion and integrity are the cornerstones.”
Though T&G builds homes with the same quality and attention to detail no matter where the floor plan comes from, early experience taught James that the best way to achieve an insuperable result is to build from one’s own design, which is one more way that T&G is unique among its competitors.
“I knew from near the beginning that I wanted a fully operational in-house design division as part of my company, and there are many reasons for this,” offered James, whose territories include Wicomico, Worcester, Sussex and Accomack Counties. “First, we build the structure in our minds before the first shovel ever hits the ground, so by the time we get on-site, we know exactly what we’re going to do and how to approach it, with nothing left to chance or misinterpretation. This means the customer gets precisely what they are hoping for, if not better. However, building from our own design also means that same customer has the flexibility to request mid-project changes or alterations without compromising the integrity of the design or the quality of the finished product.
“This process also helps us work faster and more efficiently than other builders,” he continued, “but maybe best of all, having us custom design your home can save you literally tens of thousands of dollars in outside-design fees, which you can either invest back in your home or keep in the bank. And since we pride ourselves on our creativity, you may rest assured that your home will look unlike any other in your neighborhood.”
“When we purchased our lot in Lighthouse Sound, we were looking for a custom builder we could trust who built a quality high-end home,” said Gary Sauter of Bishopville. “T&G was recommended to us by several longtime friends who were very pleased with the homes they had built for them. T&G offered the whole package, from design and planning to recommending the best subcontractors and home-goods vendors. Gary James is a great builder who not only pays attention to detail but stands behind his work. It's really nice to have that piece of mind when making such a huge investment as a home.”
T&G does more than just erect custom-designed-and-built residences, however. They also specialize in commercial construction with equally outstanding results. So, the next time you motor past the Monte Carlo Suites on 12th St. and Baltimore Ave. in Ocean City, the Go-Getters office complex in Princess Anne or the Blue Heron Shopping Center, Gray’s Corner Professional Center and the O.C. Collision Center on Rte. 50, take another look because they’re all T&G constructions.
But don’t let all these high-profile projects give you the wrong idea about T&G. At the end of the day, they are a down-home family company that puts people and relationships right at the top with pre-eminent quality.
“We also have a home-improvement/renovations division that has become quite robust over the last few years,” said James, a father of two and grandfather of four who in November celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary with his wife, Maureen. “Whether they’re small jobs or large, they are almost always fun, and we enjoy doing them, especially because they tend to give us more direct interaction with the customer, which is one of the nicest aspects of what we do.”
“When we decided to upgrade our rancher, T&G was among those we conferred with, and we were impressed with what we saw,” said Irene Giguere of Ocean View. “Their very knowledgeable and courteous on-site supervisors kept us up-to-date during the whole process — even our neighbors complimented the way the work was being done and how the workers conducted themselves. Well, our upgrade turned out to be a total interior demolition, and our one-story rancher became a two-story colonial! Our experience with T&G Builders exceeded all expectations, and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality company.”
The home-improvement division can handle jobs as small as adding a new deck up to and including ones as large as converting a house from a single story to two stories. The bottom line is this: If it’s state-of-the-art quality and customer service you’re after (and who isn’t?), you need look no further than your own backyard, because that’s where T&G Builders has been for the past 22 years.

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