July-August 2013 | 72 DEGREES AND SUNNY

Bill & Carla Woody



2012 White Marlin Open winner Bill Woody and his wife, Carla, make over their Marsh Harbour home with designer Tiffanie Adkins

Written By: Jonathan Westman | Photographer: Grant L. Gursky

Bill Woody is nowhere close to age 72, but he’s a big fan of the number. During last year’s White Marlin Open, Woody, a resident of Pasadena, Md., and Ocean City, retired to the salon of his boat, to rest after reeling in a large marlin. The temperature in the cabin was 72 degrees. The television was tuned to that week’s PGA Tour event, and a golfer had just completed an even-par round of 72. When his catch hit the scales at Harbour Island Marina, it weighed 72 pounds — and won the 2012 White Marlin Open.
“It is such a pleasure to fish in that tournament,” said Bill, who’s participated in the White Marlin Open 10 times and still gets goose bumps recalling the story of last year’s event. “To be able to catch a fish that you can bring back to be weighed, that’s an experience all in itself. Then, that anticipation builds all the way to the scales. At my age, I’m hard to intimidate, but when you see all those people [at the marina], you truly get excited because they are excited. It’s very special, especially when you look out and see your family.
“I talk about winning the White Marlin Open as a bucket-list item,” Bill continued. “Going to the Super Bowl and watching the Ravens win went into the bucket as well. We’ve also welcomed a new grandchild, so this has been an unbelievable year. It really has.”
Shortly after the White Marlin Open, Bill and his wife, Carla, were enjoying morning coffee at their Marsh Harbour property in West Ocean City. Bill was reading Coastal Style and was instantly drawn the vibrant colors of an advertisement for Tiffanie Adkins Interiors. 
“I was taken in by these unbelievably brilliant colors,” Bill recalled. “I said, ‘Carla, why don’t we call Tiffanie and get her in here to see what she can do for us?’”
Woody was one of the first homeowners in Marsh Harbour and personally designed his residence in 1997. While the home possessed many features, including strategically positioned windows that allow for the enjoyment of the scenic surroundings from nearly every room, one drawback was its stark-white walls. Adkins, widely regarded as of the Eastern Shore’s top designers, is known for her use of bold colors, and while Bill may have been attracted to her magazine ad, he wasn’t so enamored of the thought of such colors adorning his walls.
“I am a neutral-color kind of person, and I can live in that environment,” he said. “When Tiffanie was describing the paint colors, and we were painting them on the wall, they were scary to me. Very scary. How this all came together the way that it did speaks to the genius of her abilities.”
“There’s definitely an element of trust that comes into play,” Tiffanie said. “I told him that the colors would tone down once the furniture and accessories were in place. The colors really accentuated the house as the project continued, and he was thrilled.”
“When we saw the yellow paint on the walls for the first time, my eyes were instantly drawn to the lines of this house that Bill designed,” Carla said. “I used to jokingly refer to this home as the “White House” because everything was white. 
Now this house is alive. It’s now the “Sunny House,” and we love it.” 
Adkins said that the theme of the project for her was to focus on Bill’s White Marlin Open trophy, which he proudly displays on the first level of the home. She also incorporated elements of the couple’s keepsakes, like sea glass collected during walks along the beach at their Bahamas home, which Tiffanie placed inside glass table lamps at the bedsides of their master suite. 
“I told Tiffanie a story about growing up on the Chesapeake Bay and going fishing and crabbing with my grandfather,” Bill said, “and I walked up the steps to the loft one day and saw pictures of the crabs and fishing hanging on the walls, and I just said to myself, Wow, this is something! This is a theme area for me and my childhood; it’s really amazing.”
Tiffanie worked with local vendors on the remodeling project, including J. Conn Scott, where she found a majority of the new furniture, fabric and accessories for the home; A Thread of Elegance for window treatments and custom pillows; Ocean Wallcovering for both traditional and innovative wallpapers; and Creative Concepts for select furniture and accent pieces.
The couple’s favorite two areas of the home are the loft, which they admittedly never used prior to the makeover but now enjoy coffee in every morning, and the sitting room in their master bedroom, which features not only a fireplace, television, two cozy chairs, warm colors and paintings but also incredible views of the community and Assateague Island.
“Bill and Carla are very big into family, so I knew they definitely wanted a space that could accommodate the children and grandchildren. The house was very nice, and it was done well for the time, but it was due for an update. Now, it has a fun and relaxed feeling to it, and it’s something they can enjoy. I’m thrilled that they’re happy.”

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