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Dr. Michael Tilghman combines forward thinking with a good, old-fashioned human touch to create the ultimate orthodontic healthcare practice

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Grant L. Gursky

Ever since Dr. Michael Tilghman first hung out a shingle in 2000, his practice has been dedicated to “the patient experience” — the concept that a visit to a healthcare practitioner need not be an adversity but rather a source of comfort, confidence and complete satisfaction. The result is that today, Dr. Tilghman’s orthodontic practice treats patients from ages seven to more than 80 in one of the most elite, sophisticated and popular practices of its kind on the Eastern Shore.
The experience begins from the time you walk through the door of either his Salisbury or Berlin location. There, you are immediately greeted by a lovely, friendly host who sets the reassuring tone for the pleasant experience you are about to have. A meticulously decorated waiting room, with its touchscreen check-in portal, cushy, plush seating, lush carpeting against earthy stone flooring and warm cherry paneling amount to a tour de force in office aesthetics and are certain to guide you into a relaxed state. The process is further enhanced by the practice’s Wi-Fi hotspot café, a commercial-grade cappuccino/latte/coffee maker and the pièce de résistance, a 22-seat movie theater with surround sound, featuring authentic riser seating and a velvet-curtained 60-inch flat-screen that continually runs a variety of newly released family-friendly flicks for the enjoyment of each and every patient.
Lest you think all those luxurious amenities are there to lull you into a false sense of security, however, the truth is they are but a prelude to the next pillar of the practice’s unchecked success: its pre-eminent staff of top-trained providers who, as a group, average an amazing 20-years’ tenure and are groomed to offer a superior experience in patient care.
Though patient comfort and an undeniable human touch are two areas where Dr. Tilghman’s practice shines, they are definitely complemented by a forward-thinking yet judicious attitude toward both clinical and computer technology.
“We’ve been on the cutting edge since the beginning when it comes to the implementation of the latest technology and procedural advancements,” said Dr. Tilghman from his office in Salisbury, “but not at any cost. We believe only in using state-of-art technology when it has been demonstrated empirically to be absolutely safe for the patient. One of our central tenets is to provide services that are either the lowest-risk possible or completely risk-free for our patients.”
As a result, Dr. Tilghman has been using digital x-ray technology since 2004, state-of-the-art equipment-sterilization 
machines for almost as long and was among the first group of practitioners in the country to offer the self-ligating bracket system. More recently, Dr. Tilghman has introduced to the region the use of lingual brackets, which are positioned on the backsides of teeth and thus less visible than traditional braces.
The latest advance in Dr. Tilghman’s ever-evolving practice comes in the form of the heralded T.LINK healthcare software system. T.LINK works through the practice’s website to provide 24/7 patient interaction with secure login for such conveniences as online bill pay, account balances, appointment information, insurance coverage and express-email capability, which not only adds a reminder to your personal calendar but even supplies Google Map directions right to Dr. Tilghman’s front door. All of this and more, by the way, can also be done via your smartphone or other mobile device, with handy one-touch apps that will bring you directly to Dr. Tilghman’s mobile website or the practice’s full site if you prefer.
Last but not least, T.LINK brings post-office-hours care to an all-new level with their revolutionary AfterHours system. With this T.LINK component, your healthcare professional at Dr. Tilghman’s office can be reached 24/7 by any combination of voicemails, emails or text messages, to any combination of digital communication devices. You might say that such technology has already been in use for a while now, but what T.LINK adds is the essential ability to access and retrieve all pertinent patient information in an instant for the provider to review before responding to the call.
“The T.LINK system is the most recent step in our ongoing mission to enhance the patient experience to unprecedented 
levels of comfort and convenience,” said Dr. Tilghman. “Science and technology are progressing at such incredible rates, and all of us in this practice have always been extremely proud whenever we’ve been the first to bring it to the community.”
Dr. Tilghman’s office also offers free consultations in addition to family-friendly payment plans, including interest-free 
financing, for even greater patient convenience.
410-742-4813 / 800-433-8863

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