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The world-leader in home-lighting control outdoes itself with a new product called HomeWorks QS

Written By: Nick Brandi | Photographer: Stephen Cherry

A half-century ago, a guy named Joel Spira invented the world’s first solid-state electronic dimming device. Some say things around the home and office have never been the same since.

Spira’s landscape-changing invention later evolved into Lutron Electronics, the global leader in electronic lighting control and technology. The company manufactures a wide variety of lighting-control solutions for residential and commercial applications, including single-light dimmers, whole-home and whole-building dimming systems, controllable window treatments and color-matched accessories. In all, Lutron offers more than 11,000 products to satisfy virtually any residential or commercial project whether you’re talking about natural daylight or electrical lighting.

What leaps out at first glance is that a Lutron system offers state-of-the-art convenience through industry-leading technology, yet there are other reasons to invest in a Lutron system that are equally compelling. Lutron estimates that each year, the installed base of its products saves the nation nearly 10 billion kWh of electricity, or approximately $1 billion in utility costs. That’s the equivalent output of several large coal- or nuclear-fired power plants.

“Lutron doesn’t just do lighting control; they’re the only company in the industry that also does environmental control,” said Mike Patille, general manager of Overture Ultimate Home Electronics in Lewes, “and the number of strategies available to achieve that are more than numerous.”

Though Lutron’s HomeWorks division has reigned supreme in residential-lighting control for over a decade, the company has recently launched HomeWorks QS, which ups the ante to total home control. It boasts an exciting array of ergonomic features, including: Dynamic Keypad. Rather than having multiple keypads lined up on a wall, the dynamic keypad reduces wall clutter and allows you to adjust lights, shades, HVAC and audio-visual equipment from one convenient location. And with one touch of the “Energy” button, you can dim lights, lower shades and reduce heating or cooling.

Phase-Adaptive Dimmer. HomeWorks QS’ new system-compatible dimmer automatically adapts to load type by providing either forward or reverse phase-control of electronic low-voltage (solid state), magnetic low-voltage (core and coil), incandescent, halogen and other types of lighting.

The revolutionary HomeWorks QS system, which can handle a load of up to 1,500 wireless devices and an unthinkable 10,000 zones, will allow you to:

-- Control lighting scenes or individual lights in multiple areas of the home.

-- Control individual or groups of shades in multiple areas of the home.

-- View the current temperature and adjust settings and schedule.

-- Control A/V equipment by integrating with a third-party A/V processor.

-- View current energy-saving mode and adjust most-frequently used system functions.

-- Quickly access system functions that you use most often.

Perhaps best of all, this entire platform of user-friendly functions can be controlled with any iPhone or iPad.

“In my opinion, this is the most useful technology you can have in your home,” said Patille, whose company also has a showroom in Wilmington. “People who have it love it; it makes anyone’s home so much more manageable. Plus, there is an aesthetic dimension to be considered as well. Imagine having only one keypad instead of, say, five switches in an area like a kitchen.”

Patille went on to add that with the HomeWorks QS system by Lutron, you not only can enjoy one-touch control of timed or manual on/off and light-dimming schedules, your light bulbs will last much longer in addition to the substantial savings that will start showing up on your monthly utilities bill.

“And don’t forget that with this system, you can extend the life and looks of your furniture by automatically timing your shades to protect it during times of intense or direct ambient light, yet you can exploit the same system to offer great views at key times of day.”

There are elements of privacy to be considered, too. With HomeWorks QS, you can just press a button to open or close the bathroom shades instead of having to step into a bathtub to achieve the same effect. It goes without saying, then, that the same strategy can be applied to whatever shades there may be in the home’s bedrooms. Lastly, Patille reports that there is a vast selection of coordinated accessories designed to seamlessly complement a HomeWorks QS system.

Overture Ultimate Home Electronics is the region’s sole Gold Provider of Lutron lighting systems. The company is also widely recognized as one of the premier dealers of flat-screen TVs; state-of-the-art home theaters; multi-room, concert-quality, music systems; home-automation systems; and motorized window treatments on the Eastern Shore.

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