Millville By The Sea combines luxury and affordability in Coastal Delaware living

Considering that the 2000 census set its population at 259 and that five years later it had had actually shrunk by three, it would be fair to infer that Millville, Del. was the apotheosis of a static community, right? 
Think again.
With new communities popping up along the Eastern Shore like so many dandelions in an overgrown field, you’d assume one more could hardly make a splash — unless, of course, you’re talking about Millville by the Sea, a new and audacious living experience whose groundbreaking is so, well, groundbreaking, the state of Delaware can practically still feel the ripples from the inaugural plunge of its golden shovel.
The effect is something beyond transformative. Where Millville had always been known as a sleepy little century-old town with an agrarian pedigree and landmark stories about a sawmill, the new Millville — Millville by the Sea — is not only one of the most dynamic communities on the Eastern Shore, it will be a thriving beachside enclave for people of all ages and backgrounds, steeped in the traditions and sensibilities of its quaint lineage, while embracing the most current amenities of contemporary living.
A mere four miles from the ocean, “the community will consist of approximately 3,100 homes in six distinct neighborhoods set on 700 acres,” shared Brigit Taylor, who, as project sales manager for Millville by the Sea, is arguably the main face of the endeavor.
But an undertaking this massive has to be taken in stages. Currently, Gulfstream Homes, the developer/builder of Millville by the Sea, are in Phase I, which consists of two neighborhoods: Sand Dollar Village, with its cozy-getaway beach-cottage feel, and Pembroke by the Lake, which is still beachy in theme, but it’s a considerably grander, estate-style concept. Together, the two neighborhoods will comprise 197 exciting home-site opportunities.
“There are many great designs to choose from at Millville by the Sea,” said Taylor, who had been head of operations for the Mid-Atlantic region of Coldwell Banker. “In addition to the amazing single-family homes, there are beautiful townhomes, villas and cottages — all stick-built yet differentiated in terms of design, square footage, amenities and available upgrades.”
But Millville by the Sea is a master-planned community, which means it’s a place where you may live, work and play. That’s why it would be erroneous to think of Millville by the Sea as just another residential community, when what it really represents is a glistening new town.
It’s also why some of the best of what Millville by the Sea has to offer sits outside the home. In addition to a sprawling expanse that will be dotted with tot lots and dripping with manmade lakes and ponds, trees, perfectly clipped greenery, miles of sidewalks, walking trails and street lamps, there will also be a magnificent two-story cultural center that will offer tons of activities, beginning with a huge indoor facility that features basketball, volleyball and racquetball courts, a bowling alley, a game room and an indoor pool with water slide, and capping — for now — with an indoor running track, spa, food court, fitness center, daycare facility, an art studio and even a performing arts stage.
And yet there’s much more in store outside the cultural center, including a lakeside amphitheatre (for events al fresco), pools, parks and picnic areas, as well as a real boardwalk on which you may stroll while watching your neighbors play bocce, horseshoes and shuffleboard.
Then there’s the town center. Set to be the hub of the community, the town center will be where you go for leisurely shopping and dining — replete with hip little restaurants and trendy boutiques — in addition to a panoply of other retail and service-oriented experiences.
“We’ve set up Millville by the Sea such that one could conceivably never have to leave it if one chose,” stated Taylor, a former professional skier who, after producing two kids, still sports the healthy bod of a peak athlete.
But it seems she won’t be the only one to embody the picture of good health, considering the renowned Beebe Medical Center has announced its intention to set up its South Coastal Health Campus right in the heart of Millville by the Sea.
A leading provider of health care and medical services to the residents of the Delaware shore since 1916, Beebe currently has 20 prime acres set aside near the sales center for what will be the most modern health-care facility in the area.
Another nugget of good news is that for a limited time, Millville Seaside Properties, LLC is celebrating the year first anniversary of the groundbreaking by offering beach-home prices that start as low as $177,900. 
32695 Roxanna Road, Millville, DE 19945

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