July-August 2009 | FUN WITH FABRICS



Written By: Jonathan Westman | Photographer: Stephen Cherry

Want a fun, stylish and easy change in a room? Bring a feeling of nature with a new bohemian look. It’s characterized by bold earth colors, textures, and botanical prints. However, unlike traditional bohemian which reminds some of mismatched fabrics in reds, oranges, and pinks, the new bohemian can incorporate cooler colors in blues and greens as well as being constructed in higher end fabrics.
The recent increase in green fabrics on the market fits well into the new bohemian style. Green fabrics include hemps, linens, cottons and silks as well as gorgeous polyesters made from recycled products. Green fabrics are made without chemical treatments, meaning these fabrics have low or no irritation to the skin or respiratory system. Companies like Fabricut, Kravet, and Beacon Hill have ramped up production and increased selections of these fabrics. Because many eco-fabrics are inspired by nature with floral and leafy patterns, they fit well into a new bohemian style.
Another hot trend that fits well into this style is “layering”. You get a light airy feeling while retaining privacy. Layering sheers is a great way to add depth without the heaviness of traditional fabric; especially welcome in coastal homes. Try a traditional sheer underneath a sheer with personality such as crushed (that wrinkled look), iridescent, lightly metallic, or one having an embroidered design.
Don’t let this style scare you… be bold. That’s what bohemian is all about!

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