January-February 2016 | OCEAN CITY CHIROPRACTIC

Mahmoud ZiaShakeri, D.C., C.C.S.T of Ocean City ChiropracticSean WIlliams, D.C. of Ocean City Chiropractic



Skilled professionals who really have your back

Though Mahmoud ZiaShakeri, D.C., C.C.S.T, and Sean Williams, D.C., come from different backgrounds, together they form the elite chiropractic practice known as Ocean City Chiropractic Clinic. Dr. “Zia” as he is known to his patients and others, was a civil-engineering student who came to the States for a superior education and a better life. Once he decided to switch disciplines, he headed for the prestigious Life Chiropractic University in Atlanta, devoting two years of postgraduate study to soft-tissue injuries and spinal trauma.

By contrast, Dr. Williams is an Eastern Shore native who graduated from Stephen Decatur High School before attending the University of Maryland College Park. He turned to chiropractic science from his previous pre-med studies after traditional orthopedic strategies and medication failed to resolve a weightlifting injury he’d sustained in the gym. What did work, however, was the treatment of a highly skilled chiropractor he’d sought out in virtual desperation. That chiropractor would later become Dr. Williams’ practice partner, Dr. Zia.

Turns out that Dr. Zia’s background in engineering laid an ideal foundation for what would ultimately become his life’s work. “I like to perform a structural, mechanical evaluation in detail, from head to toe, then establish a treatment plan,” Dr. Zia said. “Then, I like to educate the patient on their condition and how to manage it, including lifestyle changes directed toward wellness and prevention.”

Dr. Williams incorporates reliable holistic strategies in the treatment of his patients, in addition to efficacious conventional protocols — the ultimate goal being to not only restore his patients to good health but actually improve their quality of life, so they may enjoy all the activities they had grown to love, well into their future.

“My favorite thing is to treat a patient who has given up hope,” Dr. Williams shared. “Then, I watch as their zeal for life returns once we show them the miracles that properly administered chiropractic science can achieve.”


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