January-February 2016 | ATLANTIC DERMATOLOGY

Dr. Curtis Asbury and Dr. Sara Moghaddam of Atlantic Dermatology



Drs. Curtis Asbury and Sara Moghaddam are Board Certified dermatologists who are utilizing revolutionary techniques to improve their patients’ lives

At the practice of Dr. Curtis Asbury and Dr. Sara Moghaddam, dermatology care is much more than skin deep. 

“My goal is to tailor each visit to the individual patient and to give each person the time they need to address all their concerns,” said Dr. Moghaddam. “I never want someone to leave the office thinking something was left undone.”

The same compassionate care is what’s in store for all the practice’s patients, whether they come in with a bad rash or
to get their wrinkles treated.

“We are big on providing thorough skin exams, not just to address a patient’s concern but also to screen for skin cancer, which happens to be very prominent in this community,” added Dr. Asbury. “We want patients to walk away feeling happy and healthy and confident their skin is cancer-free.”

This is the type of care that Atlantic General Dermatology provides that keeps community members coming year-round. 

“We aim to provide patient-specific skin care in a caring and compassionate manner to adults and children of all ages,” Dr. Asbury said. “We are Board Certified dermatologists who stay up-to-date on all the current treatments and diagnostic methods. We try to be an all-encompassing practice in that we want to take care of every aspect of your skin from start to finish.”

Dr. Asbury was motivated to pursue dermatology as a specialty largely because of how much it means to him to help people. Dr. Moghaddam, who grew up in Texas, also loves to help people, but her initial motivation came because of a different kind of perspective. 

“I was a dermatology patient myself,” said Dr. Moghaddam. “So I know how much a person’s sense of wellness and self-esteem is tied to their outward image — especially the face. After all, the skin is the first thing visible to others and often times is the source of many insecurities.”

Their new office has expanded to offer a unique type of skin-cancer treatment, Mohs surgery. This procedure allows for the removal of skin cancer in cosmetically sensitive areas, such as the face. Through a staged procedure, they are able to remove skin cancer while leaving normal skin intact.

Selbyville, Del.   


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